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Latest version

CE v2.1.4

Release Date

5th of November, 2023

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Minecraft Forums

The windmill, one of BTW's most iconic block, and the first of its kind.


Installation methods evolved and changed a lot over the years.

For the latest version of the mod, check the Installation page for a step-by-step guide on how to install it for most people (if you're on Windows and own a legitimate copy of the game).

It is strongly advised to join the BTW Discord (, to have a look over the #faq for the most up-to-date information.

This is the best place to find answers to most problems you might face, and where you can ask for help in the #tech-support channel.

Introduction to Better Than Wolves

Better Than Wolves is a Minecraft mod that not only adds new items and blocks, but also provides incredible functionality for engineering and design while maintaining the original feel of Minecraft. FlowerChild created BTW since he felt the full potential of the game was not being realized by Mojang for the amount of time they were putting into it. FlowerChild realized the time Mojang spent to create wolves in Minecraft Beta 1.4 and other features in previous releases could have been spent on something with much more functionality and gameplay value. He started a forum thread called "Notch: Wolves Are a Bad Idea", which led to another forum thread challenging the community to come up ideas that were better than wolves, which led, after 5 days of WIP development, to the initial release of the Better Than Wolves mod on April 10, 2011. The mod has been in continuous development since then, with hundreds of new features and gameplay modes.

Beginner's Guide

New to the mod and need some help getting started? Then this is the page for you. The most up to date section of the wiki, which will help you out a lot if you're new to the mod. Mandatory reading, as you won't get that much info about the mod in such a simple, condensed, straight-forward way on what to do next (without giving away all the strategies and automation options) anywhere else. Give it the 10 minutes of reading it deserves.

The most impactful changes from Vanilla

New gameplay modes introduced by FC for BTW that both changes a fundamental mechanic of Minecraft and challenges the player in new ways: Hardcore Modes

Ages of Progression

Better Than Wolves is organized into distinct "Ages" that represent different stages of Steve's technological progress. Each Age in turn may be organized into separate Tiers that represent separate tasks that the player must achieve in order to progress to the next.

Tools and Weapons

A fully detailed list of every tools and weapons available.


An exhaustive list of every food item available, with its detailed info and how to get it.


A fully detailed list of every armors available.

Animal Tweaks

A list of all the changes to animals.

Mechanical Power

With the Better Than Wolves mod, the largest addition to Minecraft gameplay is the addition of mechanical power and mechanical devices such as Water Wheels, Wind Mills, Gear Boxes, Redstone Clutches, axles, and other devices. All mechanical systems can be used in conjunction with redstone power. This addition to minecraft fleshes out the functional engineering aspect of the game and allows much more creativity in the systems a player may design and construct.

Other Additions and Changes

Besides adding a lot of new features the Mod contains some Miscellaneous Features giving BTW its own unique personality and provides endless entertainment for its players.
For a full list of additions and changes the mod provides, see the Better Than Wolves thread on the Minecraft Forums. You can also check the Blocks and Items page for a list of blocks and items added by this mod, along with some quick information about them. If you still need information or find yourself confused with this mod, you can always read over the Change log, containing every change and addition in BTW, to find your answer.

Every version of the mod

Links to every single version for the mod, starting from version 1.0 released in 2011, up to now :

Helpful pages

Old pages
FC Interview FlowerChild answers to several questions about the mod and Minecraft Forge.
Thread The Mod's thread on the Minecraft Forums.
Forum The Mod's Official forum.
Wiki pages
Change log A list of changes in each new version of the mod.
How to A list of tutorials and showcase videos.
High Efficiency Recipes A list of alternate recipes for vMC items/blocks using less resources.
Not a bug list A list of things that come up frequently but are not bugs.
Frequent problems A list of problems which occur frequently on the forum.
Texture Packs A list of texture packs for the mod.
Speedrunning A list of speedruns and their rules.