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PD Important note: This page has not been updated to reflect recent changes to Better Than Wolves. As a result, some contents may be inaccurate or out-of-date. PD


I can't get it to work

Please start with a clean (backup your .minecraft folder, remove the original content, re-download MC) MC bin and follow the installation process described in the Zip's readme to-the-letter.
There are several HOWTO-Videos on Youtube This means:

  • Backup the original minecraft.jar
  • Open the minecraft.jar with a zip program (7Zip and Winzip have been reported to work)
  • Install the ModLoader which can be found here: ModLoader Thread Link like described in named thread.
  • Open the Mod's Zip-file with the same program you used before.
  • Copy all files and folders within the MINECRAFT-JAR folder into your minecraft.jar by drag and dropping them into the still opened minecraft.jar.
  • Remove the META-INF folder from your minecraft.jar
  • Close the Zip-program-windows
  • Start minecraft

I get a black screen

  • In some cases copying the BTWConfig-file into your .minecraft folder could help.
  • In some cases, especially if something like this is in your error log: "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can not set [Lun; field to XieItemAxe", setting the fcDisableAxeChanges in the BTWConfig-file to 1 helps.
  • In most cases this is the result of an error in your installation process and/or a ID conflict with another mod. Please re-do the Installation on a clean MC-installation with a new map and install only ModLoader and BTW-Mod.

I have a conflict with another mod

  • Re-arrange the Block/Item IDs within the BTW/other Mod's config file to have no overlapping. (reassigning IDs may cause save games to get corrupted)
  • Some Mods overwrite some base classes BTW changes too. In that case it is mostly safe to overwrite the BTW-changes but you will get some problems like: (list is not complete!)
    • Being unable to climb rope.
    • The detector block may be unable to see arrows
    • The Buddy Block does not work properly (Mystcraft)
  • Starting from a clean installation and adding one Mod at a time will help to find the conflicting mods.

The Game crashes after some time

  • If you are running a 64-Bit OS make sure your JAVA-Runtime-engine is 64-Bit too.
  • If you try to open a chest before it crashes make sure the chest does not contain any items that are no longer available due to mod deletion/modification.


All/some textures are purple

This is a known issue with the HD-Patcher, please make sure to use its latest version, if you are using a texture pack make sure all the texture files are in the corect size.

I can't see any of the new items

Please make sure you copied the texture and btwmodtex folders as well during the installation.

I can't bring the stuff to good use

Well that is completely your problem, but there are lots of willing people on the forum (if asked politely) and it may help to read the first post of the Forum (OP), read some wiki-pages and watch some of the demo videos available on Youtube, or try referring to the official thread.