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Animal Breeding Tweaks
In vanilla Minecraft feeding animals must be done by hand. This mod adds the ability to automate this process, as animals will now eat food off the ground, entering love mode as they do. Also, they will always attempt to breed with the closest animal also in "love mode" to prevent them getting stuck trying to breed with animals behind walls and such. Lastly, if the animal they are trying to breed with breeds with another animal instead, they will select a new target for their affections instead of just continuing to pursue a lost cause.
Babies Can't Jump
To help with the separation of babies from adults in automated breeding facilities, this mod changes the height to which baby animals can jump to only be half that of adults. This makes it possible to "filter" out adults through the use of a simple one-block high ledge around an animal pen that will only allow the adults to jump out into the loving embrace of your mechanical contraptions.
Companion Cube
With advanced artificial intelligence that prevents it from running off cliffs (or pushing you over them), the Companion Cube is the ultimate virtual pet! While it doesn't require food or water, it loves to be placed (...or reassembled after a mishap...or being put out of its misery), and will definitely appreciate the occasional pat on the head or a bit of sympathy now and again. Always supportive, and without a complaint, be sure to take the Companion Cube wherever you roam!
Companion Slab
While nigh-indestructible, even the Companion Cube has its limits, and the Companion Slab represents one of them. However, a Companion Slab may be a pleasant alternative for small homes that can not accommodate a full-sized pet, as well as being handy for helping to reach items on high shelves.
Detector Rail Variants
These variations on the detector rail allow you to create more complicated systems by giving you the Wooden and Obsidian version which can be extremely useful in the routing of minecarts.
Dirt Slab
The ultimate landscaping tool! Grass may grow over them just like with regular dirt blocks, allowing you to sculpt the perfect lawn.
High Efficiency Recipes
A lot of recipes for vanilla Minecraft items and blocks are added by this mod, generally using the Minimized Blocks, which require less resources. See High Efficiency Recipes for more info.
Limited Pig Men and Magma Slime Spawning
Isn't it annoying how it is impossible to construct anything in the nether without having pig-men constantly spawn within your buildings? This change limits the spawning of pig-men and Magma Slimes to netherrack and nether brick so that laying down a foundation of any other material will prevent them from spawning in an area. This is particularly useful when constructing nether-based minecart-rail networks as you'll no longer have to worry about your carts constantly running into pig-men.
Limited Slime Spawning
Tired of having slimes pop up all over your underground lair while being unable to do anything about it? This change causes slimes to only spawn on dirt and smooth stone so that flooring your base in other materials will allow you to create a slime-free zone. This option may be disabled in the mod config file if you already have slime traps built out of other materials.
Minecart Tweaks
This mod reduces this drag on unridden Minecarts to provide a greater boosting effect due to powered rails. For example, with this mod, storage carts are able to travel approximately 12 blocks between powered rails without significantly slowing down, as opposed to 6 blocks without this mod.
Mossy Cobble Farming
Cobble stone in the vicinity of monster spawners will slowly turn into moss stone, which makes it possible to farm moss stone. The area of this effect around monster spawners is roughly the same size of dungeons (Just slightly wider).
Potion Tweaks
This change allows for potions to be stacked into groups of up to 8 within your inventory, making the carrying of potions much more worthwhile and convenient.
Powered Cake
By popular demand, this mod allows you to power cake! Notch was obviously out to lunch when he failed to include this feature in vanilla Minecraft, so I (FlowerChild) decided to correct this glaring design-flaw and allow cake to be properly powered through redstone current, as one would naturally expect it to function.
Rotted Arrow
BTW includes several tweaks to Minecraft to help make mob-traps an integral part of the gameplay experience. Rotted Arrows help balance this out by causing Skeletons to drop slightly less useful arrows upon their death than those that are crafted by the player. Rotted Arrows will do as much damage as a regular arrow, and are just as accurate, when fired from a regular bow or dispenser. The downside is that they will shatter on impact, meaning that they can not be recollected (this also serves to make things less confusing post-battle, as you will no longer be unable to tell which arrows in the environment can be picked up and which can't because they were fired by skeletons). However, if you attempt to fire a Rotted Arrow from a Composite Bow, it will immediately shatter due to the increased pull-strength of the bow. In addition to helping balance mob-traps, this feature also increases the value of chickens and chicken farms later in the game.
Squid Restriction
Squids can only spawn in large body's of water(+- 5*5*5), after all they are a squid not a golden fish.
Tabby Cats
Because the only thing better than cats, is a tabby cat. Tabby cats are cool.
The Beast
Finally, a wolf that will push you off of a cliff without being your friend!
Trapdoor Tweaks
This mod removes the restriction of having a side-block present so that a trapdoor may remain where it has been placed. This effectively allows you to place trapdoors in the middle of floors and in areas that was previously not possible, leaving other trapdoor functionality unaffected.
Villagers Toss The Milk
In response to a HUGE oversight on Notch's part, BTW is always here to make up for those deficiencies.
Vine Trap
One of the simplest forms of traps is to simply cover a pit with some foliage to disguise it. Vine Traps allow you to employ vines for just this purpose, as monsters and animals will think they are about to step on a solid block, only to fall right through them. These effectively replace the use of signs in drop-based mob traps providing a stackable, easier to place, and more intuitive alternative.
Visually Distinct Infinity Arrows
This mod adds a separate "magic arrow" texture to arrows fired from bows with the infinity arrow enchantment, making more apparent why they can't be picked back up.
Wolf Chop
Finally! A use for wolves!
Wolf Tweaks
Tired of needing to hand-feed your wolves pork-chops while they completely ignore food that's laying on the ground right next to them? Under this mod, wolves to consume any meat that happens to be scattered about their vicinity, healing them in the process and significantly increasing their rate of dung production. Wolves that aren't hungry or injured will not eat food that is on the floor.
Wool Slab
In addition to providing aesthetic versatility, they may also come in very handy when using the Block Dispenser as a ROM by providing 16 color-coded off-bits.
XP From Villagers
Slaying villagers with this mod will produce massive amounts of XP. In the battle against the Enderdragon, the souls of the innocent/barely-sentient are the most valuable of all!
Other features can be found in Hardcore Modes