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PD Important note: This page has not been updated to reflect recent changes to Better Than Wolves. As a result, some contents may be inaccurate or out-of-date. PD

You will find a list of frequently misunderstood features.


  • My sweet little dog just turned on me after I fed him. I had to kill him. Wolves do not like being fed wolf chops... no cannibalism. Make sure that the meat you are feeding your wolf is from a pig, cow or is a mystery (to both you and him), and not from another wolf.
  • It crapped in my house. What do you expect from formerly wild wolfs? You may use the dung to tan leather though.

Gear Box

  • Does not receive mechanical Power. A gear box does have a special Input side (The one with the Arrows pointing inwards). You must face it towards the energy source.
  • Accepts input only from one side. A gear box just works that way in real life too.
  • Will not start when powered by redstone. Redstone power will disengage the gears effectively stopping the energy transmission. You need to power it with mechanical power.
  • Gear boxes placed next to each other will not transmit mechanical power. That's intentional.

Mill Stone

  • Does not receive mechanical Power. The Mill stone will receive mechanical power from the top or the bottom only. It would work that way in reality too.
  • Spills out its products all over the place It would work that way in reality too. You may want to build a water flow washing all the products into a hopper.

Stone panel

  • The Stone panel is made from stone, but it makes wooden sounds when walked over! That's actually the same behaviour the Vanilla Slabs had. It is the result of the wooden and stone panels sharing one block-ID.


  • All my food was changed to Foul Food when I put dung into it. Yes... would you want to eat something that has been cooked with dung in the same cauldron?
  • It won't start cooking when powered by redstone. You have to put a heat source under it. Use netherrack or hibachis.
  • It's not turning my leather into glue. You have to use a Bellows to make the fire under the cauldron hotter.


  • Breaks if one puts more than three in a row. The Axle is too long. Put a Gear Box in between.

Water Wheel

  • Can not be placed. It is larger than a normal Block. (5x5x1 Blocks) The Space must be free of anything. (no Torches!)
  • Will not turn. It needs flowing water at the bottom or side to turn.

Wind Mill

  • Can not be placed. It is larger than a normal Block. (13x13x1 Blocks) The Space must be free of anything. (no Torches!)
  • Will not turn. It needs the sky above it.
  • Breaks frequently. It needs to be protected from Weather (Rain, Storms, Snow) so place a Detector Block so it is facing upwards and sees the sky. Connect it's Output to the Gear Box next to the windmill.

Rope Anchor

  • I can't attach rope to the anchor. You attach rope to the anchor by right-clicking the anchor with rope in your hand.
  • I can't catch the rope and fall to my death. Try holding shift while climbing the rope.
  • The rope will not go back into my inventory. You need to right-click the anchor with something other than rope in your hand.

Platform Pulley

  • I have more than one rope/pulley pulling my platform, it gets (always/sometimes) ripped apart. This is either the result of an unequal number of gear boxes distributing the mechanical power to the pulleys after the controlling gear box or of the redstone glitch. The First is your fault and the later is built into Vanilla MC (FlowerChild has said that he may take a look into the responsible code though.)
  • The Rope gets destroyed while moving upwards! This is the result of a full block blocking the elevator shaft. Or you try to lift platforms outside of the anchors 5x5x5 box of liftable platforms. /The platform the anchor is attached to is the center of that box.


  • Dung doesn't colour Sheep brown! Sheep don't liked to be smeared in dung. Would you?


  • Not on this list? Check Hardcore Modes to see if it's the result of one of the tweaks to vanilla behaviour.