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While it appears deceptively simple (it's basically a box with a hole in it), the hopper allows the construction of many advanced mechanisms. Items that fall into the top of the hopper are added to its inventory. If the hopper receives Mechanical power through a axle or hand crank mounted on the side of the hopper, items from the hopper inventory will start ejecting out the spout on the bottom of the hopper (and stop when power it cut). Items may be ejected into the air, directly into any other block that has an inventory (e.g. a Chest, a Dispenser or a Minecart with Chest) parked beneath it. A hopper with items in its inventory will send a signal to an adjacent Redstone Comparator.


Name Ingredients Input » Output
Hopper Gear,
Wooden Corner,
Wooden Pressure Plate,
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Wooden Siding
Grid layout Arrow (small).png
Wooden Pressure Plate
Wooden Corner

Item Filtering

The hopper also contains an extra inventory slot in which you may place various items that act as a filter so you can determine what items can enter the hopper inventory. By combining multiple hoppers with different filters and a stream of water, you can sort the items produced by a mob trap, an automated farm, or any other mixed output processes.

The types of hopper filters and what items will or will not pass through the filters are described in the following table.

Filter Blocked Enters Hopper Examples that enter hopper
Wicker Not powdery Powdery Flour, Gunpowder
Slats Thick Thin Paper, String
Grate Large Items Small Items Feathers
Trapdoor Mid-sized items Small or longish Items Coal, Fishing Rod, Rope, Bones
Iron Bars Unstackable items Stackable items Dirt
Ladder Solid Blocks Items Food items

Wicker Separation

Wicker in a hopper can also be used to separate some items into their component parts, with the larger item remaining on top of the hopper, and the smaller item entering its inventory. No mechanical power is required, but if it is, the lower item will be ejected from the bottom.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Gravel Hopper Recipe Gravel.png
Wheat Seeds
Wheat Hopper Recipe Wheat Straw.png
Melon Seeds Mashed Melon Hopper Recipe Mashed Melon.png

Soul Separation

Soul Sand purifies and extracts the souls from many Nether-based materials, changing their properties. These souls can be bottled to make Soul Urns by physically applying normal Urns to the bottom of the hopper. When doing so, it is important to apply continuous mechanical power, as too much unextracted energy in the Soul Sand can cause the hopper to explode.

Name Ingredients Input » Output
Hellfire Dust,
Soul Urn
Ground Netherrack,
Hopper Recipe Soul Urn.png
Saw Dust,
Soul Urn
Soul Dust,
Hopper Recipe Soul Urn Saw Dust.png
Soul Urn
Glowstone Dust,
Hopper Recipe Brimstone Urn.png
  • Soul Sand in a hopper can also be used to process Dragon Orbs into claimable XP. An unpowered hopper can hold a maximum of 100 XP. When powered it will drop a large XP orb as soon as enough small orbs have been collected.

Full filtering list (X = Enters Hopper)

Item Ladder Iron Bars Trapdoor Grate Slats Wicker
Apples X X X X
Arcane Scrolls X X X X X
Armor X
Armor Plate X X
Arrows X X X
Barks X X X X X
Bat Wing X X X X X
Bed X
Belt X X X
Blaze Powder X X X X X X
Blaze Rod X X X
Boat X
Bone X X X
Book X X
Book and Quill X
Bottles X X
Bowl X X
Bread X X
Breeding Harness X X
Brewing Stand X X
Bricks X X
Brimstone X X X X X X
Broadhead X X X X
Bucket (empty) X X
Bucket (filled) X
Cake X
Candle X X
Canvas X X
Carrot on a Stick X X
Cauldron X X
Charcoal X X X X
Chicken Soup X X
Chocolate X X X X
Chowder X X
Cistern X X
Clay Ball X X X X
Clock X X
Coal X X X X
Coal Dust X X X X X X
Cocoa Beans X X X X
Compass X X
Cookies X X X X
Concentrated Hellfire X X
Cooked Carrot X X
Cream of Mushroom X X
Creeper Oysters X X X X
Diamond X X X X
Dinners X X
Donut X X X X
Doors X
Dung X X X X
Dyes (except Dung and Ink Sacs) X X X X X X
Dynamite X X
Eggs (except Scrambled Eggs) X X X X
Emerald X X
Ender Pearl X X X X
Ender Slag X X X X X X
Eye of Ender X X X X
Fabric X X X
Feather X X X X
Filament X X X X
Fire Charge X X
Fireworks X X
Fishing Rod X X
Flint X X X X
Flour X X X X X X
Flowers X X X X
Foul Food X X
Fuse X X X X X
Gear X X
Ghast Tear X X X X
Glistering Melon X X
Glowstone Dust X X X X X X
Glue X X
Gold Nugget X X X X
Grate X X
Gravel Block X X X X X
Gravel Slab X X X X
Ground Netherrack X X X X X X
Gunpowder X X X X X X
Haft X X X
Ham and Eggs X X
Hearty Stew X X
Hellfire Dust X X X X X X
Hemp X X X
Hemp Fiber X X X X X
Ingots X X
Ink Sac X X X X
Iron Nugget X X X X
Kebabs X X
Kibble X X X X
Leathers X X X
Magma Cream X X
Map X X X
Meat X X
Melon Slice X X
Minecarts X
Mould X X
Mushrooms X X X X
Music Discs X
Nether Brick X X
Nethercoal X X X X
Nether Groth Spores X X
Nether Quartz X X
Nether Sludge X X
Nether Star X X X X
Nether Wart X X X X X X
Nitre X X X X X X
Ocular of Ender X X
Omelets X X
Padding X X
Painting X X
Paper X X X X X
Pile of Gravel X X X X
Pile of Sand X X X X X X
Pile of Soul Sand X X X X X X
Potash X X X X X X
Potions X X
Pumpkin Pie X X
Redstone Dust X X X X X X
Redstone Eye X X X X
Redstone Repeater X X X
Redstone Torch X X
Rope X X X
Rotten Flesh X X
Saddle X
Sail X
Sand X X X X X X
Sand Slab X X X X X X
Saplings (except Bloodwood) X X
Saw Dust X X X X X X
Scrambled Eggs X X
Screw X X
Seeds X X X X X X
Shaft X X X
Sign X X
Slats X X
Slimeball X X X X
Snowball X X X X
Soap X X X X
Soul Dust X X X X X X
Soul Flux X X X X X X
Soul Urn X X
Spider Eye X X X X
Steak and Potatoes X X
Strap X X X X
String X X X X X
Sugar X X X X X X
Sugarcane X X X
Tallow X X
Tasty Sandwiches X X
Tools1 X
Torch X X
Tuning Fork X X
Urns X X
Vegetables (except Cooked Carrots) X X X X
Venom Sack X X X X
Water Wheel X
Weapons X
Wheat X X X
Wicker X X
Wind Mill X
Wool Balls X X X X X
Wood Blade X

If something is not listed individually or in a category, it can only enter a hopper with no filter.

Demonstration Video

Battosay VS The Gravel recycler

Battosay's Advanced Storage System Tutorial