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Mechanical power is a form of energy central to Better Than Wolves. It has no magnitude or direction - it is simply on or off.

Mechanical power is generated by Wind Mills and Water Wheels, though the Hand Crank can also provide it in a limited, non-transmissible form. Mechanical power can be transmitted indefinitely via Gear Boxes and Axles and is necessary for the function of many devices.

Mechanical Blocks

Below are outlined all blocks which interact with mechanical power.

Type Properties
Name Use Generated Quality
Hand Crank primitive manual power generation; limited usability; intransmissible Intermittent
Wind Mill intermediate power generation; power generation without water Continuous
Vertical Wind Mill intermediate power generation; power generation without water, esp. in the Nether Continuous
Water Wheel advanced power generation; requires water; power generation in the End Continuous
Transmission and Control
Name Use
Axle power transmission; mount for generation devices; limited range
Gear Box mechanical power branching and turning; Axle extension
Redstone Clutch same as Gear Box, but can be disengaged by application of a Redstone signal
End Use
Name Use Required Quality
Bellows stoking fire; requires periodic power Any
Hopper automatic item collection, sorting, transfer; Soul Urn creation; various Any
Mill Stone item processing Any
Pulley elevators and gates; upward item transfer Any
Saw item processing; mob grinders and traps; automation Continuous
Turntable pottery creation; Redstone clocks; block rotation Continuous
Cauldron dumps its inventory when powered Continuous
Crucible dumps its inventory when powered Continuous
Screw Pump moves water upwards Continuous