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Hardcore Buoy is a feature (can be disabled via the config file) of BTW that allows some items to float in water, others to sink, and other still to be neutrally buoyant.


Items that float will move faster and won't be able to enter a hopper unless it is in a water level of at least 5 blocks from the source, or the three lowest ones (it will also slow down at this point). Sometimes floating items will enter the hopper below the fourth lowest water block, so keep this in mind when planning sorting systems.

Items that sink will move normally - sink and move through the water.

Neutrally Buoyant items will sink (slowly) in the water if it is more than 1 block deep. If it is shallow the item will move quickly though the water (like floating items) although they will not slow down when they get to the last 2 blocks of water like the floating items. If the neutrally buoyant item enters deep waters through a shallow stream of water it will keep floating, though. The neutrally buoyant items will enter hoppers below them on all water levels, unlike floating items.


Undertow is the downward movement that flowing water and gravity apply to an item.

Due to undertow, items will not float in pools where only the top level is source blocks and the water flows straight down.

Buoyant items will not float over one block-wide holes because of the undertow of the water flowing down these holes.

The mini waterfall that occurs when waterflows go down a level has enough undertow to make even buoyant items enter a hopper directly under them.

Item Buoyancy

Items that Float Items that are Neutrally Buoyant Items that Sink