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PD Important note: This page has not been updated to reflect recent changes to Better Than Wolves. As a result, some contents may be inaccurate or out-of-date. PD

Here you may find a list of videos describing several topics. While the Mod is gaining popularity there are lots of videos describing nearly any aspect of the mod. Generaly it is a good idea to go to the Mod author's and/or Battosay's youtube channel to get impressions, hints and an idea of what is possible.


Walker_boh_65 made a helpful guide on installing Better Than Wolves.

See:Installation Guide

BTW 101

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves 101 #1 The Basis : Lightblock, Dispenser, Hibachi, Cauldron on YouTube

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves 101 #2 Mechanical Energy & Hemp : How to start, how to use on YouTube

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves 101 #3 The Block Dispenser : Wiring and Uses on YouTube

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves 101 #4 Platform, Pulley, and a full tuto for a 4 floors Elevator on YouTube

Mechanical power

Blithen And Battosay Vs Pulleys on YouTube

Lift/Elevator Circuit

Mechanical Power Elevator Control Circuit

Better Than Wolves Elevator With Mechanical Switch Circuit on YouTube

A simple working model of a mechanical elevator circuit.

The ability to call the elevator to the level you are located, as well as being able to stop on the level you wish to, and the ability to travel up and down the elevator shaft to multiple levels. The In-put is a Button which turns the Redstone torch off for one second allowing the Turntable to rotate and activate the circuit controlling the Gear Box drive and Pulley brake. Located under the In-put button there is a chain sequence of Redstone torches that goes to the bottom of the mine shaft, this gives the player the ability to control the elevator from any location down the mine shaft, as seen below.

Note: This system dose have a three little bugs caused from the circuit its self. 1. When changing the direction of the elevator to go down it will go up one to two blocks before going down, 2. Every so often the turntable will not receive the signal long enough to turn 90 degrees. however the Turntable works best when the switch on the side is set to the second position as the first position will often turn the Turntable 180 degrees thus unchanging the travel direction, 3. Bouncing the elevator will cause mine cart rails to brake on the edge of the mine shaft though this only happens when you brake the wire leading to the Gear Box that controls the Turntable.

Items you will need:
Detector Block
Gear Box
Water Wheel
Redstone Wire
Redstone Torch
Sticky Piston
Companion Cube, Companion Cube's work well as elevator stops connected to the Sticky Piston's as they make noise.
The Mine Shaft
This is a side view model of the mine shaft.
Note: The button's must be placed on blocks that has a glowing (turned on) Redstone torch on top, clicking the button will turn off the torch for one second and send the signal up to the top and change the direction of the elevator. Buttons or other types of in-puts have no effect on torches that are turned off.

When stopping the elevator Sticky Pistons can be used to stop the elevator while traveling down the mine shaft, ether from dropping an item down the small shaft onto a wooden foot plate or hopping off the elevator onto a foot plate located on the entrance side of the elevator. This works well for loading mine carts onto the elevator. Note: The deeper you are the longer the signal takes to be received by the circuit at the top.

The T flip flop switch Elevator Control Circuit.
There is a vast amount of knowledge on the T Flip Flop switch circuit available here on the minecraft wiki.
"Better Than Wolves" Elevator/Gate tutorial on YouTube by TheYaMeZ. This is a very good tutorial I recommend watching. He shows you how to build a T-Flip Flop circuit, connecting your drive and circuit to the brake/pulley, and he has some good examples for gates as well.

Auto farming

Hemp/Sugar Cane

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves' Automated Hemp Farm on YouTube


Battosay VS The Dung factory ! on YouTube

Auto Block generators


Battosay VS The Obsidian generator on YouTube

Auto Storage

[Tutorial] Better than Wolves' Advanced Storage System on YouTube