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Version 4.B0000003

December 24, 2020

  • Added the ability to piston pack Loose Stone items into Loose Cobblestone blocks.
  • Added more spoilerific feature descriptions to the change log for version 4.B00 (Vegehenna) in the readme.
  • Added a sound effect whenever the player can't eat something for whatever reason (like if full, or they have food poisoning).
  • Changed blacksmith villager trades involving raw ore to involve nuggets instead, to make them a tad less restrictive.
  • Changed (reduced) the price of hoe blacksmith trades to reflect hoes being crafting with 1 ingot instead of the old 2.
  • Changed Wicker blocks and slabs to not allow tools to be stuck in them. This should not affect already placed tools.
  • Changed the way food poisoning works, so that you can no longer drink potions (or milk) while it is in effect, in the same way that you can't eat food. This corrects an exploit that made Rotten Flesh way too effective a food item once milk was obtained, serves to make milk a far less effective counter to Jungle Spiders, and also ups the value of splash potions.
  • Changed the way lightning strikes calculate damage to entities around them to correct some rare issues with players being killed by them when a strike occurred above them while below ground.
  • Fixed a problem where upside down slabs placed next to mature groth wouldn't render correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the Refined Pickaxe and Mattock were not effective versus Obsidian.
  • Fixed a problem where Nether Bricks were subject to Piston packing in incorrect quantities.
  • Fixed a problem where Blight would devour Packed Earth and Dung Blocks in an entirely unreasonable manner.
  • Fixed a problem where strings connecting Stakes would not render correctly at intersections.
  • Fixed a problem where eating Cream of Mushroom with a full inventory would not produce an empty bowl.
  • Fixed a vanilla problem where Wither Skeletons would spawn in 2 height gaps, resulting in suffocation death.
  • Fixed a problem where the contents of the Millstone weren't being appropriately saved and loaded.
  • Fixed a problem where signs and skulls weren't properly updating neighboring blocks when placed.
  • Fixed a potential crash when placing lit Crude Torches on leaf blocks.
  • Fixed and exploit where switching from a baited to unbaited fishing rod could allow you to catch fish without expending bait.
  • Fixed a problem where Buddy wouldn't update the power state of neigboring blocks when moved by a piston.
  • Fixed a problem where upward facing blocks (like Buddy) would face downwards when rotated on a Turntable.
  • Fixed a problem where the player's respawn position was being reset when returning from The End dimension.
  • Fixed a problem where Repeaters would pulse briefly when placed.
  • Fixed a problem where Stone Brick variants (mossy, etc.) would drop individual Stone Brick items that wouldn't work properly in some crafting recipes.
  • Fixed a problem where status effects like hunger and health weren't properly transferred when travelling between dimensions.
  • Removed / Deprecated the Mould. It had never been properly adapted to multiplayer resulting in some pretty severe exploits. To fix that would take a relatively large amount of work, when from asking around the community it seems like a rarely used feature that no one will particularly miss. It's unfortunately just not worth having around anymore <sniff>. Existing Mould items will still hang around in your (or the Anvil's) inventory, but the Turntable crafting method and Villager trade have been removed, and they will no longer remain in the Anvil inventory upon closing <sob>. Farwell old friend... you will be missed <queues bugles, pours one on the curb, shakes fist at uncaring universe>.

Version 4.B0000002

May 5, 2019

  • Changed the way dirt loosens its neighbors when dug with crappy tools to make for more interesting behavior, and so that dirt slabs loosen in the same manner as full blocks.
  • Changed child animals to not grow into adults unless they have the space around them to do so. This fixes a bug where children would sometimes suffocate upon growing into adults, and puts another juicy nail in the coffin of quantum animal farms.
  • Changed village blacksmiths to generate with water in their trough, rather than lava, as it is more thematically appropriate and a slightly less advantageous find given how powerful lava can be in the early game.
  • Changed the way chunk generation works slightly, so that changes made to structures (temples, village buildings and strongholds) will no longer affect stuff like the distribution of ores within a chunk or other random "decorative" aspects. However, this necessitates that such things will be affected one last time for this one release. This will not affect biome distribution or the contour of terrain, or anything major that would cause seams in your world, but will affect minor aspects like where a particular veins of ore or trees may appear within a chunk. This was done so that changes can be more easily made to things like loot lists and structure details without having to worry about affecting too many other aspects of chunk generation.
  • Changed cows to experience less knockback than other animals as befits their stature.
  • Changed Mushrooms to be crushed by falling blocks.
  • Fixed a problem where cows wouldn't bestow their hoofsies while grazing.
  • Fixed a problem where pistons would occasionally extend two arms when first placed by the player.
  • Fixed a problem with the weeds texture not being reinitialized when a new texture pack is selected. This will hopefully fix rendering issues with weeds that players were experiencing.

Version 4.B0000001

Mar 8, 2019

  • Added Hardcore Trim. This means that Shears are now required in order to harvest the top of Hemp plants, without also killing the bottom. Non-player harvesting (Pistons, Block Dispenser, etc.) isn't affected by this, so as to not interfere with existing builds.
  • Added Straw as a new item. It is harvested from the bottom block of mature Wheat, and may be fed to cows and sheep.
  • Added the ability for playas to enchant hoes.
  • Changed Hemp to only drop seeds when the top of the plant is harvested, not the bottom. The texture has also been changed to reflect this.
  • Changed Endermen to not be able to teleport onto block types that mobs can't spawn on (eg. wood). Light levels still do not affect this however.
  • Changed the Iron, Gold, and Diamond Hoe recipes to consist of 3 Shafts in a vertical line, with a single ingot to the top/side, instead of the two ingots it previously required, to better balance it relative to other tools. The Refined Hoe recipe remains unchanged.
  • Changed the Brick Oven to allow the player to add any size fuel (logs, etc.) when it is in the last visible stage of burning down (the non-whole-log texture) to make it a little more user friendly.
  • Changed a number of mobs and animals to set fire to other entities that they attack while on fire, similar to how zombies worked previously.
  • Changed a few things about how entities are unloaded to hopefully reduce the occurrences of players becoming invisible to each other.
  • Changed (reduced) the time it takes to weave Wicker as it was rather excessive when making Hampers.
  • Changed (refactored) how tool enchantability works internally to clean up the related code a bit.
  • Fixed a problem where Reeds could no longer be placed on blocks diagonal to water.
  • Removed the recipe for Grass Planters as they opened up a number of exploits with regards to feeding animals, and they no longer really had an intended purpose within the mod. Such Planters already within your world are unaffected by this change, but new ones may no longer be created.
  • Added new Wet Brick and Uncooked Nether Brick items as the interaction between the clay ball items being applicable as both mortar and placeable brick blocks was creating unnecessary interface confusion. They're created with a single item of the corresponding type in the crafting grid.
  • Changed the various forms of mortar (Clay, Slime, and Nether Sludge) so that it can be applied to blocks regardless of whether you're sneaking or not. Hence the need for the above new items.
  • Changed the color of Nether Sludge to help visually differentiate it from Nether Brick.
  • Changed Buckets to no longer place as blocks for similar reasons. I need to rework that system before proceeding further as it was way too prone to unintended consequences like accidentally placing buckets in lava while sneaking. Until then, they may still be placed with Block Dispensers if you really feel the need to play with their block form.
  • Fixed an issue where mobs could spawn on ladders.

Version 4.B00

Feb 16, 2019

  • Added Vegehenna. It's a feature. It's a way of life. It's a revolution. Vegehenna.
  • Added new flammable Wicker Block, Wicker Slab, Wicker Pane, Grate, and Slat blocks. I've split them off from some old combined block ID usage so they should now have more consistent and appropriate behavior overall (step sounds, applicable tools, etc.). All such blocks already in your world will not be affected by this change, and conversion recipes for old to new blocks have been provided for each block type.
  • Added Hopper filtering attributes to a bunch of the newer items and blocks that have been added to the mod. I fell a bit behind on those, but they should hopefully all be accurate now.
  • Added a more detailed change log for version 4.AFFFFFFF to the readme, which contains more spoilers than the original release.
  • Changed Wicker textures to be lower contrast, to look a little more natural.
  • Changed hats to be a little easier to wear.
  • Changed Pistons to be more resistant to jamming on chunk load. I haven't diagnosed or corrected the underlying vanilla problems, but I put some code in place to check for when they're stuck in an invalid state with an unextended piston base having an extended piston arm, so that they can fix themselves the next time they're updated.
  • Changed (reduced) the number of Donuts cooked in the Cauldron at a time from 4 to 2 to balance relative to the new bread recipe.
  • Changed (refactored) a bunch of block and item code to clean things up a bit. This mostly had to do with the physical properties of items (and blocks in item form) such as buoyancy and Hopper filtering. The changes to Hopper filtering, and Block Dispenser block placement were particularly extensive so please let me know if you notice any problems there.
  • Fixed a problem where Saws were not properly harvesting Vine blocks and other vegetation, and where they would not be appropriately powered if placed directly on a powered Axle.
  • Fixed a problem where a large amount of hunger would sometimes be consumed while climbing ladders.
  • Removed all modifiers to crop growth based on what blocks neighbor them. These were vanilla modifiers that were never well understood, and which were difficult to intuit, and thus I did not feel they contributed anything positive to gameplay.

Vegehenna details:

  • Added new weeds which will grow on the new tilled earth blocks, and which are capable of growing either alone, or in the various types of crops.
  • Added new tilled earth blocks that need a supporting block under them to remain in place, and which support the new weeds. Already placed tilled earth blocks will remain unchanged to avoid messing with automation, but if the earth is retilled, or the new type of wheat is planted on them, they'll convert to the new.
  • Added a new Planter with Soil type which requires irrigation, like tilled earth. Unlike tilled earth, Planters may be irrigated from directly below, weeds will not grow on them, and they do not need to be retilled after crops are harvested, making them ideal for automation and unsupervised crop growth. The recipe has also been changed to just be an empty planter with loose dirt, no longer requiring bonemeal (bonemeal may be added to the block once placed, as usual). Old planters within your world are unaffected by this change, and a conversion recipe has been provided for them.
  • Added a new type of wheat that replaces the old and which has its own unique growth properties, left for the player to discover. Old wheat crops and items will still function as previously to avoid messing with automated builds, but no new ones will be generated within newly generated chunks. This means that old wheat will not be present in any new worlds that are started. A conversion recipe from old wheat seeds to new wheat has also been provided to kick start your horticultural odyssey.
  • Changed Hoes to operate on left-click, and to take time in order to till earth. They can now also be stuck in blocks for storage, like many other tools.
  • Changed (increased) the distance you can fall onto tilled earth without trampling crops so that you can safely step off slabs, to provide a bit more flexibility in farm design.

Version 4.AFFFFFFF

Jan 09, 2019

  • Added Animageddon. Accept no pork based substitutes.
  • Changed the glass block recipe to require 8 blocks of sand and 1 Nether Quartz in a Crucible to produce 4 blocks of glass. This was done to better balance it relative to other building options.
  • Changed the math involved in determining when pathfinding has arrived at a destination slightly to provide more accurate outcomes.
  • Fixed a problem where a crash could occur when pumpkins and melons grew on top of their own stem.


  • Added ability for animals to heal over time if they are well fed.
  • Changed animals to graze on crops and various other forms of vegetation (especially pigs).
  • Changed wolves to be able to starve to death when possessed.
  • Changed animals to only follow handheld breeding items, if they are ready to breed, to help make sorting them a little easier. Note that this doesn't apply to chickens and Chicken Feed, as that is both a food source and a breeding item.
  • Changed chickens to no longer spawn in snow biomes.
  • Changed milk, and wool production to be dependent on an animal's hunger. They will need to be well fed at all times for production to continue and will consume more food than usual while producing.
  • Changed animals to drop Burned Meat rather than cooked when they die while on fire.
  • Changed Carrots and Potatoes to not drop a full carrot or potato when harvested before fully grown.
  • Changed Wheat and Hemp to not drop seeds unless fully grown.
  • Changed (reduced) the rate of Mycelium spread.
  • Removed the ability to "cure" Mooshrooms with shears.
  • Removed the ability for bonemeal to grow grass and flowers given they are now a food source for animals and not just decorative.

Version 4.ABCFEFE

Dec 23, 2018

  • Added a new mob-spawning system that is listed as individual changes below, but as a summary of how it all works: mobs can now spawn on almost any shape of block, but are restricted by the materials they can spawn on. No mobs can spawn on wood, giant mushroom blocks, Mycelium. or Bedrock. Jungle spiders are the only mobs that can spawn on leaves (as before). In the nether, mobs may only spawn on Netherbrick or Netherrack (as before). That's it, that's all.
  • Added new flammable giant mushroom blocks. This will not affect blocks already placed in your world, but since mushrooms will now potentially grow into giant flaming emblems of the apocalypse, be sure to check in on any farms you have that might be affected.
  • Added Blocks of Iron Ore and Gold Ore. These can either be created in the crafting grid with 9 ore, or through piston packing. They can be smelted in a Kiln for a full ingot, which provides both a means of smelting in bulk, and an alternate method of automating ore smelting.
  • Added the ability to see where mobs can spawn in the Nether while wearing Ender Spectacles.
  • Changed all mobs to be able to spawn on pretty much any kind of block. I may have missed some, but the goal here is to reach a point where if there's room for a mob to reasonably stand on a block, it can spawn there. If I forgot any, I'll correct them in the future, so please don't rely on block shape to prevent mob spawning anymore as it may change at any time.
  • Changed mobs to not be able to spawn on blocks primarily made of wood (a thin surface layer like on Pistons and Turntables won't prevent spawning). The overall intent here is to make mob spawning less block type and more material dependent, both so that there's more of a progression and internal consistency to being able to build with spawn-proof blocks, and to further emphasize the unique building properties of different block types. Any flaming death that results is purely coincidental, as is any perceived glee I may seem to express at such events.
  • Changed mobs to be able to spawn in 1-block high gaps if their body shape allows it. This mainly applies to the various types of spiders, but also prevents exploiting certain block shapes to create player walkable areas that mobs can't spawn in.
  • Changed mobs to be able to spawn on ice. This was done to prevent frozen bodies of water from being big safe zones, especially in the early game.
  • Changed mobs to be able to spawn on glass blocks to prevent glass from being a non-flammable, non-gravity-affected, non-mob-spawning, commonly-available, uber-material-of-doomy-doom-doom.
  • Changed slimes to not be able to spawn on wood (like other mobs) in addition to their existing spawn restrictions, which remain unchanged from previous releases.
  • Changed Ender Spectacles to accurately reflect all the changes to mob-spawning in this release. If you're uncertain if a particular block type can spawn mobs on top of it, then Ender Specs are an ideal way to find this out.
  • Changed (refactored) how the burn times for various blocks work internally for the sake of simplifying the related code a bit.
  • Changed (refactored) a metric dung-ton of block code, both vanilla and mod, in the process of fixing the collision thing I describe below. Please let me know if you run into any new weird block behavior, as it would be exceedingly unlikely that I didn't make a single mistake in the process. On the bright side, I made a number of small unlisted improvements as I went along as well.
  • Changed a number of blocks to render fewer non-visible faces to help with performance, in the process of refactoring their code.
  • Changed cows to panic if you attempt to milk one that doesn't have a full udder.
  • Fixed a problem where spiders targeting something other than the player could wind up hanging around without despawning for an exceedingly long time.
  • Fixed a few vanilla problems where mobs (and other entities, like items) would sometimes fall through slabs and other sub-blocks, which became more noticeable now that mobs can spawn on them. This is not related to the various visual glitches which can occur along these lines with entities bouncing between positions, but rather the entities themselves sometimes actually passing through the block. Major thanks to Alexander Gundermann (taurose) for diagnosing and thoroughly documenting several Minecraft collision bugs here:, as the information he has provided has been invaluable in resolving some of these issues. This fix only covers the first issue (the race condition) he describes (as well as some secondary issues I discovered), but I'll likely be verifying and fixing a number of the problems he documents in upcoming releases. Suffice it to say there are a LOT of collision issues in 1.5.2.
  • Fixed vanilla problem where mobs and animals would get stuck in blocks and sometimes suffocate on chunk load. This corresponds to item 3 (Floating Point Errors on Entity Load) in the documentation linked above. Note that when loading old saves or chunks you may still see such errors occur, as the mobs in question will have already been saved embedded within those blocks, but it won't happen again to any new or non-embedded mobs after that first load.
  • Fixed vanilla AI/pathfinding problems with animals getting stuck in fence corners (or the corners of other partial blocks) and refusing to move unless pushed out. I greatly reduced such entities lingering excessively around non-corner edges as well, as they were often times trying to move through those blocks instead of pathing away from them before this fix.
  • Fixed a problem where ground cover (snow and ash) resting around cobble walls would change the shape of the wall.
  • Fixed a problem where dedicated servers would crash on startup if they were using the mod's config file.
  • Fixed a problem with the Saw block playing a sawing sound when first placed, and under some other odd circumstances.
  • Fixed a vanilla problem that was limiting the number of mobs that would spawn in flat areas with lots of ground cover like snow, or tall grass. This was particularly noticeable in superflat worlds where it would prevent mobs from spawning entirely, but affected general mob spawning as well.
  • Fixed a problem where Iron Chisels could not be stuck as blocks into Cobblestone.
  • Fixed a problem where Pickaxes could be stuck as blocks into glass.
  • Fixed a problem where Jack'O'Lanterns would still drop a torch when extinguished by water, even though they are now crafted with a Candle.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where some chunks would not properly render, even though they were fully loaded on the client, resulting in lines of missing chunks in the world. Much thanks to Andrés del Campo Novales for providing a very simple solution to this problem here: . Please let me know if you see any new chunk or visual oddities as I suspect there might be a bit more work to be done here. I've seen what felt to be a few weird things here and there, but overall this feels like too big an improvement to do without.
  • Removed the config files options for limiting slime and nether mob spawning. Given the extent to which mob spawning has now changed, configuring individual aspects of its behavior is no longer feasible, and I do not believe these options were used much anyways.
  • Removed all the high-efficiency crafting recipes involving stone sub-blocks, as they were rendered obsolete by the inclusion of Stone Bricks in the last release.


Dec 01, 2018

  • Added the Stone Brick as a new item. Stone Bricks can be harvested in place of Loose Stones by using an Iron Chisel on Smoothstone blocks. They may also be created in greater numbers by combining Smoothstone Blocks with an Iron Chisel in the crafting grid (similar to splitting wood with an axe), and individual bricks can be split into Loose Stones via this same method.
  • Added Loose Stone Brick blocks, stairs and slabs as new block types. They may be crafted with individual Stone Bricks, in the same manner as similar blocks. Applying mortar to them to create vanilla Stone Brick blocks replaces the old creation method entirely.
  • Added Loose Nether Brick blocks, stairs, and slabs as new block types. As with Stone Brick, applying mortar replaces the old creation method.
  • Added a variant of Netherrack that is affected by gravity. Netherrack will now function as before when placed in the Nether, but if placed in other dimensions, will be subject to gravity. Blocks already placed in your world will continue to behave as before, regardless of dimension.
  • Added variable cook times for different block types to the Kiln, similar to the Brick Oven, and increased cook times overall. Stuff like chunks of ore and logs will now take much longer to cook than baked goods. This was done to further incentivize automation, as well as to increase the value of having multiple Hibachis in use.
  • Added an additional particle effect (white smoke) when something is cooking in the Kiln, as the slower cook times made it difficult to tell if it was working.
  • Added a new Smoothstone creation method where running lava over Loose Cobblestone or Loose Stone Bricks will fill in gaps in the block with hot lava. Running water over the resulting block will then cool it off, forming a Smoothstone block. Along with other changes in this release, this new system is intended to replace all other methods of stone generation previously in the game.
  • Added the Lava Pillow as a new block type. This block replaces the Smoothstone and Cobblestone that was previously created when lava blocks came into contact with water blocks, effectively removing lava based cobble generators from the game. Note that the Lava Pillow may not be harvested intact through any means, including silk touch or the Block Dispenser.
  • Added recipes for the stairs of the various "Loose" blocks (Cobble, Brick, etc.) that use 3 full blocks or slabs of the type in an "L" pattern in the crafting grid so that such stairs may be crafted in the player's inventory.
  • Changed the Saw to take longer to cut blocks to further incentivize automating it, and adjusted the associated sound to fit the new timing better.
  • Changed Chunks of Iron and Gold Ore to have a random facing when placed, rather than one based on player orientation, to make them feel a tad more irregular.
  • Changed the name of the Stone item to "Loose Stone" to help further differentiate it from Smoothstone blocks.
  • Changed Cactus blocks to be destroyed when hit by lightning.
  • Changed (refactored) the way Oak and Nether Brick fences work internally to hopefully resolve some collision issues with them. This change is largely a test that is being discussed on the BTW forums, and other fence types will be converted to this new format if the test is successful.
  • Fixed a problem where Slimes, Squid, and Ghasts weren't reliably despawning within spawn chunks.
  • Fixed a vanilla problem where Fireballs and Wither Skulls could hang around indefinitely in your world.
  • Fixed a potential crash when baskets would catch on fire.
  • Removed the ability to stop Cement from drying by applying a redstone signal to it. This removes another form of infinite stone generator from the game.
  • Removed the ability to harvest whole Smoothstone blocks by isolating them from their neighbors and then harvesting. In practice I found this mechanic to be rather clunky and unintuitive, and the need for it has been largely replaced by the inclusion of Stone Bricks.


November 22, 2018

  • Added a new type of Gearbox block, or more precisely, split Gearboxes into two different types. The existing one has been renamed to "Redstone Clutch" and its recipe remains the same (using a redstone latch). All existing Gearboxes in your world will be converted to a Redstone Clutch block. The new Gearbox is crafted in the same manner as before, but with an Axle in the middle of the grid, rather than a latch. It functions in a manner identical to the old Gearbox, except it can no longer be turned off via redstone. This was done because I found the increased value of Gearboxes that resulted from the inclusion of the latch in the recipe had unfortunate side-effects like inspiring people to deconstruct their existing devices to build new ones, or to avoid automation projects all together because of gold shortages. Hopefully this change will represent a better balance between gold value and automation fun-time. Note that I've also added new textures for both kinds of Gearboxes to make them more visually distinct.
  • Added a new Lightning Rod block that is crafted with a vertical line of 1 gold ingot as a base, with two gold nuggets above it. It replaces the functionality of the old one entirely, and adds a number of additional aesthetic options as well in that it can be anchored to a block in any direction, not just below it. It draws any lightning bolts that are striking a lower point up to 16 blocks away from it horizontally to the rod instead, and this is checked after the bolt is drawn to any nearby high points, guaranteeing that the area around the rod will be totally safe.
  • Added a new Iron Spike block that is crafted with a vertical line of 1 iron ingot as a base, with two iron nuggets above it. It is intended to replace the aesthetic uses of the old Soulforged Steel lightning rods, and looks identical to how the old ones did, but with the additional aesthetic options of the new Lightning Rod. A reminder that these kinds of blocks make excellent Candle holders, which is a much bigger deal now given the fire-starting tendency of torches.
  • Added the ability to place Chunks of Iron and Gold Ore as blocks, and to smelt them in a Kiln.
  • Added the ability to melt down the Piston Shovel in the Crucible.
  • Added the ability for ground cover (snow and ash) to share space with a few additional blocks: Shafts, unlit Torches, unlit Campfires, tools stuck in blocks, Flower Pots, Fences, Redstone Dust, Buttons, Levers, Urns, Axles, Vases, Stakes and String.
  • Added a concussive effect to lightning strikes.
  • Changed Gear Boxes so that they may not be rotated by right clicking if they have any connected axles. This is to make them feel a little more solid once placed, and to prevent accidents involving mistakenly right clicking on a block resulting in broken automation builds.
  • Changed Gear Boxes so that they will display their output texture on the side opposite the input, if they have no connected output axles. This sounds complicated but should be intuitive in practice, and makes orienting them easier under many circumstances.
  • Changed lightning to "travel" further when looking for a high point to strike.
  • Changed lightning strikes to take entities into account in determining the highest point in an area to strike. This makes stuff like standing in an open field, or on a hill, during a lightning storm, an exceedingly bad idea.
  • Changed lightning strikes to occur in Desert biomes when there's a storm raging. This makes the desert just a wee bit less of a base building uber biome, and more of a barren uncaring landscape of unending torment.
  • Changed the name of the old Lightning Rod to "Old Soulforged Rod", and removed its crafting recipe. It only remains to melt down or for decorative builds that already make use of it.
  • Changed how the flames on Candles look, to make them a little more candley.
  • Changed Mycelium slabs to display a snow side texture when snow cover is resting on them, just like with the full blocks.
  • Fixed a problem where a Mycelium full block wouldn't display its side snow texture if it had snow cover resting on it, and if the snow cover was combined with another block.
  • Removed an extraneous space from the filename of the "fcBlockTorchFiniteIdle_burned.png" texture file, as it was reported to be causing problems on some systems.

Version 4.ABCF:dancer::poo::dancer:

November 9, 2018

  • Added a big revamp of how chunk loading and block/entity updates work to create a more consistent system overall. The individual changes involved are listed below, but as a quick summary: chunks around original spawn are now fully loaded and updated. Chunks are loaded up to 10 chunks away from the player / original spawn, and all entities and blocks are fully updated up to 8 chunks away. That's all the explanation really needed to understand how chunk loading now works.
  • Added the ability to activate (right click) string blocks stretched between two Stakes to find out how much distance is between them.
  • Added the ability to place Buckets as blocks and to push them over a ledge with a Piston causing them to tip over. In situations where either using the bucket or placing the block are both valid (collecting water, or placing it for example), sneak clicking will force placement of the bucket as a block. At present this feature isn't very useful as it is part of a larger system I am continuing to develop, but they are fun to play around with regardless, and are an interesting decorative block in their own right.
  • Added a display of the number of chunks loaded in each dimension to the F3 debug display. This was primarily for my own use in tracking down various issues with chunk loading, but I left it in for now to help diagnose any potential issues that might still be lingering. Note that it'll only work in single player games as the display relies on the server being on the local computer.
  • Changed logs to provide a Shaft when their 2nd level is punched, rather than just when a tool is used. This was done to speed up first day progress a smidge.
  • Changed the Campfire to burn a bit longer for a given amount of fuel, while requiring less fuel to cook a piece of food. This means that food will take as long to cook as before, but less fuel will be consumed in the process, easing early game resource demands slightly.
  • Changed the Campfire to smoulder for longer after going out to give the player more of a chance to relight it.
  • Changed Snow and Iron Golems so that they can be created by hitting any of the blocks (snow or pumpkin) used to construct them with a Soul Urn, rather than just the head.
  • Changed the Wither to be summoned by hitting its block construct (Bone Blocks and Infused Skulls) with a Soul Urn as is done with Golems, rather than by just placing the blocks.
  • Changed a few non-progression related villager trades involving chocolate to make it a resource that peasants want to buy rather than one they sell.
  • Changed a few non-troublesome details about the Wither's behavior which are left to the player to discover.
  • Changed the Jack'O'Lantern recipe to require a Candle rather than a Torch to reduce their effectiveness as a non-fire-starting light source somewhat.
  • Changed spawn chunks to behave in a manner more consistent with other loaded chunks. They will now update in the same way as chunks around the player, making original spawn an automation paradise. Note that these chunks will now even update when players are in other dimensions. In all cases I've tried to make this behave as if there's a player always standing at the original spawn location, but please let me know if I missed anything as it's a rather complex change, and one that can be difficult to test given it functions in the player's absence. There will of course be some performance overhead to this change, given it means a larger number of background updates going on at all times, but given that these chunks were partially loaded anyways, I haven't found the performance impact to be severe in my own tests. I've also performed a number of optimizations and bug fixes in this release that may even negate the performance loss entirely.
  • Changed the despawn distance on mobs to be a rectangular solid rather than a sphere, to match the spawn distance. This should aid performance somewhat as mobs won't be spawning just to instantly despawn as much, and result in more consistent spawning behavior overall.
  • Changed (increased) the number of hostile mobs that can be in the world at any time to compensate for the decreased density of them due to the above change to a rectangular despawn volume. This should result in mob density being roughly equivalent to what it was in previous versions in most cases, but will increase mob trap output somewhat if the surrounding area is well lit and all spawns are channeled into a small space.
  • Changed updates of various kinds, including mob spawning, to occur up to the full world height (256 blocks), allowing automation projects and mob traps to be built as high as you like without their functionality being affected.
  • Changed scheduled block updates to only occur up to 8 chunks away from the player/original spawn, instead of the full 10 that are normally loaded, for consistency with other update types, and to fix a number of issues (both vanilla and mod) with blocks loading neighboring chunks during their updates. This was actually causing a large number of chunks to load when they shouldn't, especially in the nether (from fire trying to spread), which I suspect was a rather significant drain on performance. These chunks would haveten also not be appropriately unloaded, resulting in memory leaks. I think that in many cases this change alone may compensate for the performance cost of fully updated spawn chunks in this release.
  • Changed unscheduled/random/irregular block updates (grass and crops growing, etc.) to occur up to 8 chunks away from the player/original spawn, instead of the 7 in vanilla, to be more consistent with other update types. My goal here was to make the overall system easier for players to understand by using consistent distance values for a number of different update types.
  • Changed chunk loading to get rid of some extraneous chunks at a larger than normal distance around original spawn that vanilla was keeping unnecessarily loaded, to help with performance.
  • Changed the view-distance dedicated server parameter to appropriately scale the distances at which entities and blocks update to solve a number of potential issues with its use. All update distances mentioned in this release should now be appropriately scaled by this value, including those around original spawn. This should solve problems where adjusting that parameter could seriously mess up mob spawning in particular.
  • Changed a bunch of other small internal details about chunk loading/unloading and updates to improve performance, reduce chunk loading errors, and to facilitate future development. At a certain point the number of changes became too large to track individually.
  • Changed (refactored) how Wolves, Witches, Slimes, Endermen, Skeletons, Blazes, Pigmen, Magma Cubes, Ocelots, Bats, the Wither, and Villagers work internally to simplify the related code.
  • Fixed problems where the gravel slab recipe involving two gravel blocks would return 2 slabs instead of the appropriate 4.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Hopper from inserting items into Hampers.
  • Fixed a problem where items in Brick Ovens would be improperly position when using the fast graphics option.
  • Fixed a problem with tree stumps converted into Workbenches being retrieved intact by the Block Dispenser.
  • Fixed a problem where quickly glancing at an Enderman, for a shorter time than would normally cause it to attack, could still cause other nearby Endermen to attack you.
  • Fixed a mod issue where brown mushroom generation would cause unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks.
  • Fixed a mod issue where Witches spawning around Witch Huts could cause unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where zombies were causing unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks while pathing.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where lava generation in the nether would cause unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue with village doors causing unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where players travelling between dimensions would cause unnecessary chunk loading / memory leaks.
  • Fixed a problem where Iron Golems could still be created just by placing the pumpkin "head" block, without using a Soul Urn.
  • Fixed (maybe) a problem where the player would rarely be attacked by invisible mobs upon repeated hardcore respawns. This was a very infrequent bug, so unfortunately I can't be 100% certain it's actually resolved. Please let me know if you run into it after this release.
  • Fixed an issue where falling blocks could not rest on Light Blocks.
  • Removed the ability to insert items into the Brick Oven with a Hopper, fixing a few related bugs in the process. Such insertions were never intended.
  • Removed vanilla restriction on mobs not spawning within 24 blocks of original spawn for more consistency. Having a no-spawn volume smack in the middle of the now always active chunks didn't make much sense.

Version 4.ABCEEFAB

August 14th, 2018

  • Added new regular Torches (the ones made with nethercoal) that start fires above them in the same way as Crude Torches. This does not affect lit torches already placed in the world, so your existing builds are safe. This was done both as part of my ongoing effort to make fire a more interesting part of the game, and also to increase the value of late game lighting options like Glowstone, Light Blocks, and the Lens. These new torches may also be crushed by falling blocks, like Crude Torches. The flame particles have been removed from the old torches, to make them a little easier to identify.
  • Added Burned Meat as a new item. It's created when food is cooked for too long over a blazing campfire, and is similar to Cured Meat in terms of being a substandard processed meat product. This will hopefully serve to better instruct new players in how the Campfire works, and can also work as an emergency method of quickly sterilizing meat in a pinch.
  • Added a sound effect for when Campfires die down to a small state, to make maintaining them a bit easier. Also changed the sound when they burn out so that it's easier to distinguish from the Crude Torch sound.
  • Added the ability to burn flowers in Campfires and Ovens, just in case your world has yet to be completely reduced to an ashen husk.
  • Added a Pile Of Gravel drop to the first level of Smooth Stone chiseling, to provide a little more feedback to players that their chiseling is doing something, and to create an interesting mechanic where having a lot of exposed stone has some small advantages in the early game.
  • Added Chicken Feed as a new Item. It is created by combining seeds and Bone Meal in the crafting grid. Its role is explained below.
  • Added an indicator next to the crafting output when recipes output secondary items (eg. bark and saw dust when splitting logs). Note that I have to manually set these indicators at present, so if I missed any, please let me know.
  • Added Bone Fish Hooks as a new item. These are created with a single Bone in the crafting grid, which then turns into an item that needs to be worked over time to complete, similar to knitting.
  • Added sound when baiting Fishing Rods.
  • Changed the Fishing Rod recipe to be shapeless and to use only a single stick, 2 string, and an iron nugget (or Bone Fish Hook), so that it can be crafted in the player's inventory.
  • Changed (decreased) the odds of catching fish somewhat, and changed fishing to require water source blocks rather than just regular water blocks, to prevent some exploits with man made ponds.
  • Changed Fishing Rods to have less durability than previously.
  • Changed the breeding items for various animals listed below to make wheat less of an uber item and to introduce some additional late game activity diversity. Note that this may make automating the breeding of some of them impossible, which is something that will be addressed in future releases.
  • Changed Chickens to breed (lay eggs) with Chicken Feed instead of seeds.
  • Changed Pigs to *only* breed with Chocolate, whereas they could be bred with a variety of items previously.
  • Changed Sheep to breed with Cookies rather than wheat.
  • Changed Cows to breed with Cake rather than wheat.
  • Changed fire blocks to no longer be extinguished just by clicking on them in order to make fire a more dangerous and persistent threat, as well as to make it more consistent with the fire mechanics added with burning ladders. Note that fire may still be extinguished with water, or smothered with other blocks, it's just slightly trickier to deal with now.
  • Changed (increased) the lag tolerance on Fire Ploughs and Bow Drills slightly to help reduce issues in high latency SMP games.
  • Changed the order in which items are shift-clicked into the player's inventory from other containers (like chests) so that it's more consistent with stuff like picking up items. This handles stuff like how when you pickup an item, it'd go to the leftmost slot of your hotbar, but if you shift click it from the crafting grid, it'd go to the rightmost. This is just a small quality of life thing, but the inconsistency really annoyed me.
  • Changed the name of Stone blocks to "Smooth Stone" to reduce confusion with the individual Stone item.
  • Changed Gravel, Sand, and Dirt blocks to consist of 8 piles (4 for slabs) in order to provide a bit more resolution to pile drops, such as with the change to Smooth Stone chiseling listed above.
  • Changed (increased) the minimum amount of hunger the player can respawn with after death, to make death spirals slightly less punishing.
  • Fixed a problem where ladders weren't displaying the crack texture correctly while being harvested.
  • Fixed a problem where tools placed as blocks wouldn't update neighboring blocks when first placed. This would result in stuff like water not flowing into the block and such.
  • Fixed a problem where Snow Golems could not be created with the new snow blocks that were added in a recent release.
  • Fixed a problem where pushing both an unfired pottery (like an Urn) block, and the block below it, at the same time with pistons, could result in a visual duplicate of the unfired pottery block.
  • Fixed a problem where wolves would sometimes just sit back and chill in the middle of attacking you.
  • Removed zombie villagers decaying into regular zombies with time as I didn't like how it played out in the mid to late game when respawning near a village and just needing to wait out the decay to collect the bootsies. Its main purpose was to discourage the early game wheat rush, which is no longer as much of an issue anyways due to the above changes to animal breeding.

Version 4.ABCEEEFA

July 21st, 2018

  • Added Clay Piles as a new item. Clay blocks harvested without a shovel will produce Piles, much like with Dirt, but in the case of Clay only a Stone Shovel is needed for a full harvest. 2 Clay Piles may be combined in the crafting grid to produce a Clay ball.
  • Added crafting sounds to the Anvil and Mill Stone.
  • Added new Blocks Of Oysters and the corresponding slabs, which may be piston packed out of 16 Creeper Oysters.
  • Changed Sandstone blocks to be harvested whole with Diamond Picks (or better), instead of through the isolate & chisel method of regular stone. The intent here is to make sandstone a more practical mid-game building material without saturating the early game with versatile building blocks. This applies to sandstone stairs and slabs as well.
  • Changed the direction in which the Piston Shovel ejects items so that it's a little more consistent, similar to the changes to the Mill Stone in the previous release.
  • Changed (increased) the loss of durability when an Iron Chisel is used to convert a Stump into a Workbench, to make doing so more of a strategic consideration rather than something you can just spam all over the place.
  • Changed Bone items to only stack up to 16, to be more consistent with other similar packable mob drops, and to further incentivize piston packing.
  • Changed how the Fire Plough works internally to hopefully resolve some issues with it sometimes not working properly in SMP.
  • Changed how multiple hardcore respawns in the same area work to discourage some exploits.
  • Fixed a problem where re-opening a Hamper while the lid was in the process of closing could cause a looping sound to be played.

Version 4.ABCEEEEF

July 13th, 2018

  • Added a new Hamper block as an early game storage option. It may be crafted with 8 pieces of Wicker surrounding a single Planks block. It's intended to help smooth out the progression from Baskets to Chests.
  • Added the ability to use the Anvil (formerly "Dead Weight") as a Workbench, while removing the ability to craft Workbenches. This means that Stumps and Anvils have now completely replaced vanilla Workbenches in terms of functionality. I also changed a number of aspects of the Anvil's behavior in the process to bring it more in line with other mod blocks. As before, Anvils may be crafted with 7 iron ingots in an "I" pattern, or found in villages.
  • Added Metal Fragments as a new item, which result when Anvils are harvested or otherwise broken, and which may be melted down in the Crucible. Anvils can only be moved intact through silk touch or a Block Dispenser.
  • Added a GUIless interface to the Mill Stone, gave it an audio and visual revamp, and changed it to only be able to hold a single item at a time. Any items you previously had in one are safe, and can either be retrieved by right clicking on the Mill Stone, or they will be processed as normal until the inventory is exhausted.
  • Added crafting sounds to swords.
  • Added a lossy conversion recipe from Wicker Baskets back to Wicker items.
  • Changed the Mill Stone to eject items in more predictable directions once done milling. This should prevent old issues like items occasionally winding up directly below or above the Mill Stone due to odd trajectories, and make automating it a little more intuitive.
  • Changed how items eject from chiseled / incrementally harvested blocks (logs, smoothstone, etc.) to better represent the facing being hit, similar to the above change to the Mill Stone.
  • Changed the sounds when placing Chisels as blocks to better reflect the block material they're being placed in.
  • Changed the Grate recipe to consist of 5 Shafts in a '+' pattern, with either 4 Hemp Fibers or String in the remaining grid spaces.
  • Changed the Wicker Pane recipe to be shapeless with a piece of Wicker and a Grate.
  • Changed (reduced) the rate at which the Hardcore Spawn radius increases as the game progresses, to provide more overlap with earlier respawn areas. This is to further incentivize building up individual respawns and overall infrastructure, as there will be a greater chance of being able to make later use of it.
  • Changed how Hardcore Spawn works internally to provide more varied respawn locations. This doesn't change any of the related mechanics, it just refines the math involved some so that repeatedly respawning in the same place becomes less likely.
  • Changed Giant Spiders to not have silk, and Skeletons to not have bows, when created by mob spawners. This is to reduce rare early game progression workarounds, and to be more consistent with spawner creatures not having weapons and armor.
  • Changed Anvils to not spawn in abandoned or partially abandoned villages given how useful they are now.
  • Fixed a problem with Hand Cranks, Turntables, and Mill Stones dropping the old Cobblestone blocks when they break.
  • Fixed a problem where lightning strikes weren't traveling as far as intended when checking for nearby high points.
  • Fixed an occasional crash that would occur with falling blocks.
  • Removed the recipe for Chests that involves Planks. This means you'll now need to use a Saw to obtain Wood Siding to create chests, with the Hamper that's been added acting as an earlier storage solution.

Version 4.ABCEEEEE

June 30th, 2018

  • Added a new Piston Shovel block which may be crafted with 6 iron ingots in a stair shape. The details of its use are left for the player to discover.
  • Added new Ladder blocks which are flammable and which can be dislodged by water or falling blocks. This does not affect already placed Ladder blocks so as not to mess with existing builds, but otherwise the new blocks replace the old.
  • Added alternate Loose Cobblestone and Brick Stair recipes involving loose blocks of the corresponding variety, rather than just Brick and Stone items. This was done for consistency with other stair recipes.
  • Added the ability to rotate a few additional blocks on the Turntable, like Powered Rails, Detector Rails, Shafts, Jack'O'Lanterns, and Stakes as part of the refactoring work described below.
  • Added the ability to Silk Harvest various slabs, like grass and mycelium.
  • Added conversion recipe from Bookshelves back to Books.
  • Changed Chisels to not be efficient at harvesting stone once it has reached a certain damage level (once all the stone items have been harvested / pried loose, and the texture changes to its final level). This is to make early game tunneling less effective given recent increases to Chisel efficiency making it more viable than I had originally intended.
  • Changed (refactored) the way block facing works internally for many blocks and how the Turntable rotates attached blocks to help make supporting additional block types easier.
  • Changed Cactus to not be destroyed when hit by spider webs.
  • Changed Bone and Flesh blocks to drop individual items of their type when in front of a Saw, rather than whole blocks.
  • Changed Campfires to be crushed by falling blocks.
  • Fixed problem where Snow Cover wasn't melting as intended near fires.
  • Fixed a problem with falling Sand Slabs looking like gravel.

Version 4.ABCDEFPotato

June 15th, 2018

  • Added a whole new set of snow blocks that serve as an early game building material. The details of these are left to the player to discover, but one thing to note is that you can build out sideways with them if proper care is taken. Old snow blocks have been renamed as "Old Snow", and may no longer be crafted.
  • Added the ability to partially open Wicker Baskets by right clicking on them. Note that the baskets will close automatically when you walk away, but you can also close them manually by clicking on the edge of the lid (a box will appear when you're over the right area).
  • Added ability for Lava to set nearby blocks on fire directly. This applies to stuff like Campfires, Unlit Torches, and Logs, that can burn without a neighboring fire block. Keep this in mind if you have any weird builds like Lava running through Log sluices or what have you.
  • Added the ability for Ice and Snow Cover blocks to melt due to nearby fire sources, rather than just due to light levels. Please keep this in mind if you have any structures built out of ice.
  • Added the ability for Fire Charges to directly ignite blocks like Campfires, Brick Ovens, and Torches when used by the player.
  • Change Snow Cover blocks to drop Snowballs regardless of whether they are harvested with a shovel.
  • Changed the texture on Wicker Baskets to provide an indication of which way they are facing.
  • Changed Ghasts to drop Fire Charges instead of Nitre to make farming them a tad more rewarding.
  • Changed Zombie AI to make them a little more interested in accessorizing their wardrobe.
  • Changed the way cooking items are positioned within the Brick Oven so they're a little more visible, and so that they orient correctly to the direction the oven is facing.
  • Changed how items eject from Wicker Baskets so that they tend to travel towards the front of the basket.
  • Changed (adjusted) the selection box on Chewed Logs and Log Spikes to be a little less obtrusive.
  • Fixed a problem with Ghast sounds in the overworld, that was causing them to be louder than intended when they weren't attacking anything.
  • Fixed a problem where Bloodwood Saplings couldn't plant themselves if Ash was covering a Soulsand block.
  • Fixed vanilla problem where you could mine blocks while using an item, like drawing a bow, blocking with a sword, or eating food.
  • Removed the generation of Ash from the burning of Bloodwood leaves, as it didn't really suit the nether very well.
  • Removed the ability to place string as a block, as it never worked particularly well and conflicts with some of the design intent behind early game storage of items as blocks in the mod.
  • Removed the crafting recipes for Tripwire Hooks given the above, and given they're duplicate functionality with the Lens that never suited the mod very well. I probably should have just done this when they were first released, but I was much more timid about removing vanilla features back then. You can still melt them down for a bit of iron in the Crucible if you have any laying about.
  • Removed the Tripwire and Dispenser traps from newly generated jungle temples to fit the above. Also removed all remaining Piston and Redstone blocks from newly generated non-looted temples to negate their sometimes progression-breaking impact.


June 4th, 2018

  • Added Cured Meat as a new food item. It is created by combining a piece of raw meat (or fish or chicken), and Nitre in the crafting grid. Curing meat actually decreases the hunger value of raw food items, but it does eliminate any chance of food poisoning, and cured meats may also be stacked in greater amounts for easier storage. Note that eating too many cured meats may result in a mild BURNing sensation.
  • Changed the way lightning works so that it has an increased chance of creating fires that won't be immediately extinguished by rain. WARNING: Please keep this in mind if you have any flammable structures that may get hit by lightning and BURN BURN BURN!
  • Changed the way fire spreads to reduce the number of log blocks that remain suspended in the air after trees BURN! This may not solve the issue completely, but should at least make it a bit less annoying to clear jungles and such by BURNing them down.
  • Changed (refactored) the way a lot of the block placement code works internally to simplify a few things, and relieve myself of a BURNing desire to tidy things up.
  • Fixed a vanilla problem that caused the player to slide while walking on slabs (and other partial blocks) placed on top of ice. Note that I intentionally did not apply this change to items, so as not to BURN players with any builds that might rely on that behavior.
  • Fixed people getting BURNed when loose stairs and slabs wouldn't properly stick to blocks with mortar in some orientations.
  • Fixed a sick BURN where switching to an inventory slot while knitting caused the game to crash.
  • Removed the ability to place Clay on leaves as it made for excessively lame early game Brick drying racks. BURN.

Version 4.AB4 Bonnets

May 26th, 2018

  • Added Loose Cobble and Loose Brick Stairs. Both are created with 6 of the corresponding items in a stair pattern. Once placed, mortar may be applied to them, in the same manner as other such blocks.
  • Added a new system for placing the various forms of Cobblestone and Brick blocks. The way this works, if you place the loose version of the block, connected to another of the same material (eg. brick next to brick) that already has mortar applied (Clay, Slime, or Nether Sludge), it will stay in place for a brief time before collapsing. This gives you a chance to apply mortar to the new block before it falls, to fix it in place. In addition to spanning gaps, this also allows you to place blocks like upside down slabs and stairs.
  • Added the ability to retrieve tools placed as blocks by right clicking.
  • Added the ability to use Nether Sludge as mortar.
  • Added a more detailed change log for version 4.AAAAAAAAAAHHHH below, which I wrote back when I was working on it.
  • Changed the look of Wicker Baskets containing items, to make their state a bit more evident.
  • Changed (refactored) the way falling blocks (sand, gravel, etc.) work internally to make it easier to add new blocks of this type (like the stairs in this release).
  • Changed (refactored) how many slab blocks work internally for similar reasons.
  • Changed how mining speed modifiers due to stuff like hunger and health work internally once again to try to reduce desync problems between client and server. I made some modifications to the networking code for this, which will result in you getting promptly booted if you join a server running an older version.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when placing a tool at the same time as using it to harvest a block. In the process, I also just prevented placing tools while harvesting entirely as it felt rather strange.
  • Fixed a vanilla issue where mobs wouldn't catch fire in sunlight if standing on slabs or other partial blocks.
  • Fixed how annoying Ghast sounds can be in the overworld, similar how I fixed grinding Netherrack in the past.
  • Removed Hardcore Sinkholes from the mod, as the random deaths that were sometimes caused by this feature were too punishing given how much more demanding the early game has become.
  • Removed Redstone from loot chests close to the surface due to its progression breaking properties.
  • Removed Pumpkin Seeds from the same.

Version 4.AAHHHHHHhhhhhh

May 19th, 2018

  • Added a slightly decreased sense of soul crushing despair to the early game as part of my ongoing balancing efforts. Yes, this means I just made things slightly easier for once, but please be assured that I'm having a full set of medical tests conducted.
  • Added some Reeds to newly generated Jungle biomes to provide additional sources of them in the early game.
  • Added the Bone Club as a new early game weapon. It's an upgrade over the wood one, and is crafted with two bones in a vertical line.
  • Added "smouldering" state to the Campfire, that will allow you to relight one that's burned out for some time afterwards, just by adding fuel. Note that any cooking progress is lost when this happens, and it takes time for the fire to fully relight, so it's still important to tend your fires.
  • Added the ability to place most tools as blocks, to act as an early game storage alternative and decorative option. They may only be placed on blocks that each particular tool is effective on (axes on logs for example).
  • Added a new Clay Block which is crafted with 9 Clay Balls either in the crafting grid or through Hardcore Packing. For the most part it's functionally equivalent to the old naturally generated Clay blocks, which have been changed to have a new look, and to only drop a single Clay Ball and some dirt when harvested. Note that the new ones need to be supported by a block below them (like other Unfired Pottery), which may affect existing Pottery builds. The old ones may be converted to 9 Clay Balls in the crafting grid if you have any in storage.
  • Added conversion recipes from Iron and Gold Ore blocks, to Chunks of Iron and Gold Ore.
  • Added Mycelium slabs, and the ability for Mycelium to spread to loose dirt.
  • Changed (tweaked) the efficiency of the Pointy Stick and Sharp Stone to be slightly faster, to provide a little more wiggle room in the first day, and to help differentiate them from using your hands, and from each other.
  • Changed (tweaked) Unfired Bricks to cook more quickly in the sun.
  • Changed (tweaked) Chunks of Iron and Gold Ore to be crafted with two piles of the associated type rather than four.
  • Changed the name of the Club to "Wood Club" and gave it knockback to make it slightly more worthwhile.
  • Changed how Groth, the Brick Oven, snow, stairs, and slabs work internally to help improve rendering performance.

Version 4.AACK

May 12th, 2018

  • Added Hatsies for Zombies and Wolfsies Hatsies with enhanced Hoofsies and Boomsies.
  • Added crafting sounds for various forms of clothing and armor.
  • Added recipes for Wood Fences, involving 6 Wood Planks in the pattern other fence recipes use.
  • Added the vanilla recipe for Fence Gates (4 Shafts and 2 Planks, "SPS", "SPS") back in.
  • Added lower tech Trap Door recipe (2 Shafts and 4 Planks, "PPS", "PPS"), and changed the high efficiency recipe to match (siding instead of planks).
  • Added the Spider Jockey origin story.
  • Changed Squid to have Nothing To Worry About. Poor things were far too tense.
  • Changed how wool colors blend during knitting to hopefully generate more intuitive results, and less grey.
  • Changed the way health and hunger status penalties are handled internally, to hopefully reduce some client / server synchronization issues when mining blocks with such penalties in effect.
  • Changed the way the early game fire starters work to make them more resistant to multiplayer lag.
  • Changed the way spits work to disincentivize gamey behavior involving selectively punching blocks at various times in the early game.
  • Changed the Knitting Needle recipe to require undamaged Pointy Sticks for similar reasons.
  • Changed Baskets to be crushed by falling blocks.
  • Changed the Hibachi to not instantly incinerate tree stumps.
  • Changed several types of wood blocks to not drop intact when harvested with a Stone Axe, but to harvest whole with iron or better, for greater consistency between the various early game blocks. I tried to cover as many as possible, but given the large number involved please let me know if I missed any.
  • Changed workbenches to not harvest as quickly to better communicate that they always break on removal.
  • Changed Wicker Baskets to have a bit of hardness to help prevent them being accidentally broken.
  • Changed Brick Ovens to not allow snow to accumulate on top of them when they are burning.
  • Changed (refactored) how Zombies, Squid, Spiders, and Creepers work internally to help simplify some of the mod code.
  • Changed Ghast navigation so that they're reluctant to enter water or lava.
  • Fixed an issue with villagers still having a trade involving a stone furnace, even though they are no longer craftable.
  • Fixed a problem where several mod fence recipes were outputting only 2 blocks instead of 6.
  • Fixed problems with bricks being hardcore packed where it would take only 4 rather than the 8 bricks, and where the resulting block was created with mortar already applied.
  • Fixed problem where the cracks weren't being displayed properly on Brick Ovens and Campfires when they were being harvested.
  • Fixed an issue where creating Groth in a Cauldron would return a non-loose dirt block.
  • Fixed problem with wolves sometimes being excessively chill about other wovles getting attacked nearby.
  • Removed the Ghast spawn from Hoppers as it was never intended as a farming method, and with the removal of Ghasts from Soul Urns, had unfortunately become the default method of summoning them.
  • Removed vanilla "Zombie Sieges". They didn't appear to be working anyways, were not a particularly well understood or compelling mechanic if they did, and were complicating the mod code unnecessarily.

Version 4.AABBBbbb

April 20th, 2018

  • Added a new interface for interacting with one of the early game blocks. Note that nothing you had in it will be lost. Just right click on it with an empty hand to retrieve any previously stored items.
  • Added conversion recipes for a few early game items to turn them into saw dust. This acts as a backup method for burning them in a pinch.
  • Changed stone picks to provide an enhanced sense of soul crushing suckitude.
  • Changed cobble slabs to be craftable in the player's inventory.
  • Changed stone and dirt to drop whole blocks when harvested with the appropriate tools.
  • Changed stone pickaxe recipe to use three stone and the stone axe to use 2 to be more consistent with other tools of the same type.
  • Changed spider silk drops to be slightly more random. The overall mechanism remains unchanged from last release however.
  • Changed spiders to not lose interest in the player quite so easily in sunlight if they are actively engaged in combat. However they now have a greater tendency to chill out when you're not fighting them.
  • Changed (increased) the duration of food poisoning to make eating uncooked food less effective.
  • Changed how one of the early game blocks detect collisions slightly, so that it's easier to click on blocks neighboring it.
  • Changed the old (non flammable) versions of workbenches chests, and webs, in item form to have different "Old Foo" names, and added conversion recipes for them to turn them into the new items. This is to avoid confusion with them not stacking with the newer ones.
  • Changed fire to deliver a mild burning sensation.
  • Changed creepers to be slightly more dangerous to toy with.
  • Changed nether portals to have slightly broader lighting requirements in terms of the types of fires within them.
  • Changed rotten flesh and bone blocks so that they can *only* be created through hardcore packing with pistons, and not through the crafting grid.
  • Changed carved pumpkins to not drop as an item when destroyed.
  • Fixed a problem with collision volumes on some mod blocks (like the Soulforge) where they weren't being rotated correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the old non-flammable chest blocks would not display properly next to the new flammable ones.
  • Fixed a problem with placed shafts not always rendering all their sides.
  • Fixed problem with the Millstone applying ranged effects while ignoring height.
  • Fixed a problem with items rendering within mod blocks sometimes being at the wrong angle when using the fast graphics setting.
  • Fixed problem with Stump Remover not working on some stump types.
  • Fixed problem where chests and some stairs couldn't be harvested with silk touch.

Version 4.AABABABA

April 10th, 2018

  • Added flammability to workbenches, chests, wood doors, and webs. Note that this does not affect blocks already placed in the world, and thus will not put your existing builds at risk.
  • Added different harvesting properties to webs that are left for players to discover.
  • Added the ability to stick shafts into the sides and bottom of "soft" (dirt, sand, etc.) blocks.
  • Added an alternate recipe for one of the early game items involving Hemp Fibers.
  • Added an alternate Planter recipe involving additional types of dirt.
  • Added the ability to melt down an early game iron item in the Crucible.
  • Added crafting sounds to shears, hoes, and all diamond tools.
  • Changed book items so that they can no longer be crafted, and thus must be found as loot in the world to be used in enchanting. This is intended to increase the significance of leveling up your enchanting capability, as well as the value of loot locations and strongholds.
  • Changed the book and quill to be craftable with 3 paper, a feather, ink sack, and leather, essentially combining it with the old book recipe.
  • Changed villager trades slightly to adjust for the above book recipe change.
  • Changed regular zombies to no longer break down doors and other similar blocks. This may seem odd for BTW, but I think it never worked very well or brought much to the game, really just causing players to not use wood doors anymore. Now that wood doors are part of the progression, this change allows them to provide a nice quality of life improvement as you move ahead. Note that this change does not apply to zombie villagers or other creatures that may possess this ability, so wood doors may still not be suitable for all uses.
  • Changed stone shovels to be accessible a bit earlier in the tech progression. I won't state the recipe here to avoid spoilers, but it's very similar to the other early stone tools.
  • Changed the stone axe recipe to not be shapeless to accommodate the above shovel change.
  • Changed stone shovels to be slightly less effective to fit the above change, and to further emphasize iron shovels as an upgrade.
  • Changed Blazes to drop the same number of rods regardless of whether they're killed by a player or not.
  • Changed how spiders produce and drop silk to reduce the effectiveness of some forms of spider farming.
  • Changed the way cobblestone, sandstone, and brick blocks (including slabs and stairs) drop as items with explosions, or with the inappropriate tool.
  • Changed gravel blocks to potentially drop flint regardless of the tool type used on it.
  • Fixed an issue with map items not updating properly when held by the player.
  • Fixed a problem with mod slabs where you could place them clipping through the player when combining them with other slabs.
  • Fixed a problem where chiseled sandstone would drop sand that does not stack with other items of the same type, and another similar problem with stone dropped from cobble walls.
  • Removed redstone dust from looted jungle temples given it's now rather uber.

Version 4.AAABBBA

April 4th, 2018

  • Added the ability for some specific blocks to spread fire between each other. This does not affect pre-4.AAAAAAAAAAHHHH blocks or builds.
  • Changed the player inventory to not get wet when only partially submerged.
  • Changed how the compass renders internally to hopefully prevent some exploits.
  • Changed netherrack to require iron or better tools to harvest, and increased its toughness to tools in general slightly.
  • Changed grinding of netherrack to resolve the issue of it being too unpleasant to stand nearby due to the noise.
  • Changed how torches work just a wee little bit that will most definitely not result in anyone dying in unexpected ways, and which in no way motivated me to release this as quickly as possible while subtly hiding this change towards the end of the log where no one will notice.
  • Fixed a problem where the starter not-chest might have not-stuff in it.


April 2nd, 2018

  • Added a visual indicator of whether some storage blocks contain items.
  • Changed the way Raw Mutton looks in order to make it more visually distinct from Cooked Mutton.
  • Changed the name of Coal Dust to better communicate its use.
  • Changed how fire renders internally to hopefully help with issues with some texture packs.
  • Changed the starter chest to be less so.
  • Changed the Grate and Wicker Pane recipes to require Wood Moulding rather than just Shafts.
  • Changed the way torches work internally so that they're added to your inventory in a more intuitive manner and to hopefully reduce or eliminate the flicker that would occur sometimes in SMP.
  • Changed some log types to not be fully transparent to light.
  • Changed some dirt slabs to be able to combine with grass slabs.
  • Changed Shafts and some torch types to be crushed by falling blocks.
  • Changed chest minecarts to not be quite so chesty.
  • Removed the Workbench from villages.
  • Removed generated torches in villages and abandoned mines.
  • Removed the early game glass recipe.
  • Fixed problem where using the number keys to swap items to the hotbar would sometimes cause the relevant slots to display the wrong item.
  • Fixed a problem with blocks under destroyed snow not always rendering correctly.


March 23rd, 2018

Original Changelog:

  • Changed the entire mod.

Updated Changelog With Details:

  • Added Chewed Logs as a new block.
  • Added Loose Dirt and Loose Dirt Slabs as new blocks.
  • Added Loose Cobblestone and Loose Cobblestone Slabs as new blocks.
  • Added Loose Brick and Loose Brick Slabs as new blocks.
  • Added Pointy Sticks, Sharp Rocks and Iron Chisels as new tools.
  • Added Clubs as a new early game weapon.
  • Added Fire Ploughs and Bow Drills as new early game fire starters.
  • Added Campfires as a new block.
  • Added the ability to use Clay and Slimeballs as mortar for Loose Brick and Cobblestone blocks.
  • Added the ability to sun dry Bricks.
  • Added the Brick Oven as a new block.
  • Added Stones as a new item.
  • Added chunks and piles of iron and gold ore as new items.
  • Added Crude Torches as an early game light source, and changed regular torches so that they may only be crafted with Nethercoal.
  • Added Wicker as an individual item, separate from wicker panes, and changed the name of wicker panes.
  • Added Wicker Baskets as a new block. They're crafted with 4 pieces of Wicker.
  • Changed the Wicker Pane recipe to be Wicker, surrounded by 4 Shafts in the crafting grid.
  • Changed Coal to grind to two Piles of Coal dust, instead of 1.
  • Changed the Nethercoal recipe in the Cauldron so that it only produces one lump, instead of 4.
  • Changed the way Smoothstone and Log blocks work so that they have multiple stages and drops when chiseled down.
  • Changed Stone Axes to be crafted with a stone, shaft, and spider silk.
  • Changed (refactored) the way the Soulforge renders and detects collisions.
  • Changed Endermen so that they don't teleport away on the final hit that kills them.
  • Changed (refactored) a bunch of code related to how tools function to help simplify things internally.
  • Changed (refactored) how items determine which kind of enchantments apply to them.
  • Changed the way clocks and compasses render so that they should only function in the player's inventory (and item frames for clocks). This was also the case before, but I've made the related code a bit more robust to help discourage cheating.
  • Changed (refactored) the way the spread of grass from block to block is handled internally to facilitate adding such functionality to new blocks (like Loose Dirt).
  • Changed (refactored) how blocks specify if they have a solid top surface (for placement of other blocks like torches and snow) internally to unify mod and vanilla blocks into one system. This may have some noticeable effect in being able to attach some additional blocks to others that weren't possible before.
  • Changed (refactored) how the Battle Axe works internally to make it more consistent with how other axes function.
  • Changed the Jack O'Lantern recipe to be shapeless.
  • Changed nether portals so that they can be opened using a Campfire
  • Changed the ladder recipe to require either spider silk or hemp fibers in the previously empty slots between the shafts.
  • Changed the Hand Crank, Lever, Dispenser, Detector Block, and Piston recipes to use smooth stone instead of cobble.
  • Changed the arrow recipes to a shapeless one that requires flint, a shaft, feathers, and spider silk (or hemp fibers).
  • Changed blacksmith houses so that they contain brick furnaces, and only do so in non-abandoned villages.
  • Changed abandoned librarian houses to not contain workbenches.
  • Changed witch huts to replace the Workbench with a Basket, and removed the Cistern.
  • Changed desert wells to have loot Baskets around them.
  • Fixed vanilla problem where sand and gravel wouldn't fall if placed above blocks that wouldn't normally support them while falling, like snow, or torches.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in a recent release where some creatures would continue to eat food items after they had died.
  • Removed ability to start open fires with flint & steel. Now only specific blocks can be lit.
  • Removed the ability to cook glass and to smelt ores in block form in the furnace, which means they can only be cooked in the Crucible and Kiln.

Not in the Changelog, but confirmed by FC to have changed in this version:

  • Iron axes once again take damage in the crafting grid, while diamond and above do not. "There are a wide range of benefits to using iron axes post-AAAAAHHHH, and they have unique splitting output over stone, so I bumped the no-durability thing up to diamond and better to further incentivize them over iron. Same logic applied to different parameters." -FlowerChild

Version 4.A9 Pustules Lancing

February 25th, 2018

  • Added Hardercore Spawning. This changes Hardcore Spawning in a number of different ways that are left for players to discover. The overall intent is to help HC Spawning remain relevant throughout the game, by changing how it behaves as you move further into the progression. Note that as a result, players that already have developed worlds may find that HC Spawn behavior changes quite drastically, because they will not have incrementally progressed through the earlier stages.
  • Added Hardcore Soul Mating as part of the above changes to Hardcore Spawn. In the early stages of the game, this means that when one player dies on a multiplayer server, any other players that die in the following Minecraft day will also respawn in the same general vicinity as the first. This is to help reduce the amount of time that people playing cooperatively will have to spend apart from each other, but since this only functions for a limited part of the progression, keep in mind that you'll want to switch to using soul sand to track each other down at some point.
  • Added Largercore Spawning. In worlds generated with large biomes, all distances related to Hardercore Spawning (including abandoned villages, looted temples, etc.) will be scaled upwards. Large Biomes are still not officially supported in Better Than Wolves, but I figured that while I was refactoring various bits of code for the above features, I'd add this in as well for players looking for something a little different.
  • Added a whole set of Blood Wood planks and associated blocks (slabs, stairs, fences, Moulding, Siding, Corners, Columns, Pedestals, Tables, Benches) to the game, in place of simply using jungle wood as a Blood Wood substitute, as was done previously.
  • Changed cocoa beans so that their growth stages can be detected by a Buddy Block.
  • Changed the way blocks render while being cooked in a Kiln, to make the process a little more evident, and to fix a problem where only one block could be displayed as cooking at a time.
  • Changed the splash potion ingredient back to gunpowder (from Creeper Oysters), since gunpowder is now available earlier in the tech tree again, and since Creeper Oysters are rather common for such a powerful role.
  • Changed the way maps are zoomed out, so that it is done by surrounding *empty* maps in the crafting grid with paper, rather than doing it with an already used map. This bypasses a number of vanilla issue with zooming maps out, without losing any functionality since maps are reset when zoomed anyways. You can see the current zoom level in the tooltip for the map.
  • Fixed a very old and very rare crash bug involving mob spawners attempting to generate mossy cobble in chunks that had yet to generate.
  • Fixed problem where ladders would sometimes default to odd directions when placed in tight spaces.
  • Fixed (probably) a vanilla problem where groups of mating animals would sometimes produce more offspring than the number of parents should allow. I say "probably" because it was a rather rare and random bug, which makes proving its nonexistence difficult.
  • Fixed a problem where axes weren't properly harvesting Blood Wood logs.

Version 4.A8 Milks A Tossing

February 19th, 2018

  • Added a config file setting that allows you to specify a URL which the game will use to fetch player skins. This was necessary because Mojang deactivated the skin server for earlier versions of Minecraft. Alternative URLs can be found on the BTW forums.
  • Added decay to zombie villagers. Note that this takes place regardless of whether the chunks they are in are loaded or not, making trapping them to cure at a later date an ineffective strategy.
  • Changed Soul Flux to be used to increase the potency of potions rather than Brimstone as the recent changes to filtering glowstone into Brimstone caused these potions to revert to earlier in the tech progression than intended.
  • Changed ladders so that they can be attached to the back of siding blocks.
  • Changed Unfired Pottery, and other related blocks (like dough), so that they can be placed on glass blocks.
  • Changed (refactored) the way stair blocks work internally to make them more consistent with other blocks. You can now stick stuff (torches, ladders, etc) to their full sides, they have a slightly more accurate collision voume when their shape changes due to neighboring blocks, and snow can now accumulate on them when they're upside down.
  • Changed (refactored) some code internally that handles how blocks attach to others, and which blocks can contain Hardcore Packing. There should be no noticeable changes from this, except perhaps a few more blocks that function in those contexts.
  • Changed the Dead Weight (vanilla anvil) to return more iron when melted down in the Crucible.
  • Fixed an issue where the lighting on smoothstone stairs, wasn't consistent with other stair blocks.

Version 4.A7 Squid A Swimming

February 13th, 2018

  • Added smoothstone stairs, made with 6 smoothstone blocks or 3 Moulding in the usual patterns.
  • Added Rotten Flesh and Bone slabs. They're created with the usual 3 blocks in a horizontal line in the crafting grid.
  • Added some localization (language translation) capacity to Better Than Wolves. At present it's limited to block and item names, with some message strings still hardcoded, but the underlying implementation allows translation into any language that Minecraft 1.5.2 supports, and also provides functionality for add-ons to easily add their own custom language files as well. I won't be maintaining or distributing translations myself, but anyone who wishes to do so is welcome to.
  • Added Carved Pumpkins as separate blocks from Pumpkins. Carved Pumpkins are produced by crafting Pumpkins, while Jack'o'Lanterns are now created by combining Carved Pumpkins and a torch. Pumpkins found in the wild will now either be Carved, or regular Pumpkins depending on whether you're within the Hardcore Spawn radius.
  • Changed Melon and Pumpkin growth so that they'll happily crush neighboring plants with their fruit to make growing them a little more interesting and space consuming. They will crush their own stem if all surrounding blocks are blocked for growth. They have been changed to grow on pretty much any block with a solid top surface. Their stems are also directional, attaching to a specific plant which will return to an earlier growth stage on harvest, and they have a greater number of growth stages now, slowing down overall production some.
  • Changed (increased) hunger cost for jumping while sprinting to prevent several exploits.
  • Changed cactus blocks so that they can only be placed /replanted in Planters. Similar to the recent lily pad change: too sploity.
  • Changed boats so that they'll break apart if they fall from a height onto hard ground.
  • Changed Blocks of Bone and Flesh to drop full blocks on harvest, rather than individual items, to better suit the inclusion of slabs of the corresponding types.
  • Changed (increased) the player's movement rate on Bone Blocks to better facilitate paving the planet with the broken remains of your fallen foes.
  • Changed the Hardcore Player Names config file setting to have an additional option so that names won't be visible behind blocks and other obstructions. This setting is server side and will be automatically relayed to players.
  • Changed (refactored) how config file loading works internally to simplify things a bit. This should have no noticeable impact during play.
  • Changed (refactored) how blocks determine which tools are effective on them internally.
  • Changed (refactored) a bunch of other more minor aspects of how blocks and items initialize internally to help facilitate the process of creating new blocks and items.
  • Fixed vanilla problem where boats would be considered to be falling indefinitely while on the surface of water, potentially killing the player after long journeys.
  • Fixed problem where lily pads could still be placed on the sides of blocks.
  • Fixed problem where villages and other structures far from spawn (beyond around 50 kilometers) would sometimes be abandoned or looted.
  • Fixed vanilla problem where sitting wolf cubs would sometimes teleport to their owning player when they grew up.

Version 4.A6 Sided Sideshow

January 31st, 2018

  • Changed the way boat handling works, so that when holding a sail, a constant forward motion will be applied to the boat without the player having to hold down a control. How it works should be obvious in practice, but the intent is to make long voyages and looking around while boating more convenient.
  • Changed the way the player dismounting boats or other vehicles (minecart, pigs) works so that it favors the direction they are looking in, and placing them on dry land.
  • Fixed problem with the bounding box on the Dormant Soulforge being too large.
  • Fixed glaring oversight where Skulls could not be placed atop Shafts.
  • Fixed a bug with an older priest villager trade that was causing chunk corruption in some saves. My sincerest apologies to anyone that may have lost part of their world as a result. This fix is the primary reason for this release.

Version 4.A5 Pronged Poking

January 22nd, 2018

  • Added Hardcore Poking. This allows you to stick shafts into soft ground, primarily to test to see if it's stable before walking on it (falling blocks like sand will behave exactly as if a player had walked on them). You can also place torches on top of them if you're planning a luau.
  • Added the Dormant Soulforge as a new block which can be found in newly generated nether fortresses. It may also be crafted with 10 gold in an "I" pattern in the crafting grid (requires an Anvil/Soulforge), and may be melted down in the Crucible. This will hopefully make finding and exploring nether fortresses a more interesting and rewarding experience, and also inserts an additional fortress dependency into the progression.
  • Added the ability to cure zombie villagers back into the game, but it's now done with Soul Urns so that it's not accessible too early on. Note that unlike in vanilla, surrounding blocks like beds and iron bars do not affect the cure rate.
  • Changed Soul Urns to have a maximum stack size of 16 to better match other throwable items, and got rid of their summoning of ghasts since that conflicts with their new role in curing zombies.
  • Changed the Anvil's name to "Soulforge", and changed its recipe to require a Dormant Soulforge, Nether Star, and Soul Flux. As before, it may also be acquired through trading.
  • Changed (tweaked) the types of villagers that spawn in the different village variants (abandoned, semi, etc.) to make the progression a bit more interesting.
  • Changed the blacksmith building in villages to have a Dead Weight, even when abandoned. This makes it a little more rewarding to find villages as you travel about.
  • Fixed problem that was causing potion particle effects to not display properly on mobs.
  • Fixed vanilla crash when loading the options file from versions newer than 1.5.2. Unfortunately, this won't help on the first run of 1.5.2 when first installing the mod, but should at least prevent crashes if you switch back and forth between an existing BTW install and newer versions of Minecraft.
  • Fixed some issues with leaves decaying when they shouldn't have. I think this may have also improved performance on chunk generation slightly.
  • Fixed a progression bypass I had accidentally built into Blacksmith trades in the last release.
  • Removed ability to melt down the Flint and Steel item in the Crucible, as it just resulted in annoying gamey behavior for the sake of negligible returns.
  • Removed a bit of nothing to worry about from the last release that didn't really work well with some of the other changes in this one, so I guess now would be a good time to totally freak out. On the bright side, there's still at least one thing left not to be the least bit concerned with.

Version 4.A4 Kiloblock Boon

January 10th, 2018

  • Added internal support for extended block IDs beyond the base 256 to facilitate future expansion of the mod. This is based on Yhetti's code in the Deco add-on, with permission, so major thanks to him for his efforts over the years in helping this happen.
  • Added a Rotten Flesh storage block (9 in the crafting grid), largely as a test of the above functionality as it makes use of the extended block IDs. These blocks may also be assembled with pistons via Hardcore Packing. Please let me know if you experience any odd behavior with these blocks as it will help me ensure that extended block IDs are working well before I make further use of them.
  • Added a new interface for villager trading to help cut down on the amount of clicking in the mid to late game. This will hopefully make the large number of trades that must be performed to get to the end much more convenient overall.
  • Added the ability to filter Glowstone into Brimstone with a Hopper and Soul Sand filter. Like with filtering Ground Netherrack and Soul Dust, this will also produce souls which may be captured with an Urn. This provides a method of producing limited amounts of gunpowder earlier in the tech tree.
  • Added a couple of additional factors to not worry about. In particular, you should be entirely unconcerned when performing activities that might result in loose tormented and likely deranged souls meandering about, especially if you have high level villagers nearby whose well-being you are totally chill about. You will totally not at all painfully face palm at the realization of how obvious a danger this doesn't represent if you just breath deeply, relax about the whole thing, and go about your business as if I hadn't said anything. This should not be misinterpreted as some kind of warning, as really, there's always been nothing to worry about. I have no idea why you're making such a big deal about this and I refuse to humor your dysfunction any longer.
  • Changed priest villagers to have an extra trade slot available at high level to help offset some of the lack of variety in their trades. This became a problem due to the mandatory trade offers I implemented in the previous release.
  • Changed the order in which the Librarian trades are unlocked, and some of the level-up trades slightly to create a more interesting progression.
  • Changed a few other minor villager trades here and there, particularly peasant trades.
  • Changed (tweaked) the Block of Bone texture slightly to appear a little more aged.
  • Changed Lilly Pads so that they can't be placed as blocks. Sorry, too sploity, as they could easily be used to take a lot of the tension and danger out of longer boating trips.
  • Fixed a bug where the furnace gauge wouldn't always display correctly after a save / load.
  • Fixed problem with Hardcore Packing where sometimes blocks would get packed as the piston was retracting instead of extending.
  • Fixed problem that was causing Jungle Spiders to spawn in fewer numbers than they should have. You're welcome.

Version 4.A3 Headed Beastie

December 24th, 2017

  • Added the ability to speed up boat travel if you are holding a sail (the item used to craft wind mills). Without a sail, boats now have their speed greatly reduced. This makes early game water travel a tad more problematic, and adds a bit of progression to boat use.
  • Added additional hunger consumption when you swim vertically upwards. This increases the inefficiency of swimming relative to boating, as well as making it tiring to simply tread water.
  • Added the ability to see if a furnace has any contents (not fuel) without having to open it. There's now a slight texture variation on the front of the furnace when it contains something, which makes working with large banks of furnaces much more convenient.
  • Added Bone Blocks as a new storage block, created with 9 bones in the crafting grid. When summoning the Wither, Bone Blocks now replace the soul sand that was previously used in a "T" shape beneath the skulls.
  • Added Infused Skulls as a new item and block. In terms of functionality, these replace Wither Skulls (now called Runed Skulls) for summoning the Wither. They may either be acquired through trading, or by combining a Runed Skull, a Soul Urn, and soul flux in the crafting grid.
  • Added a new method of acquiring Wither Skulls (now called Runed Skull) through trading, to provide an alternative approach to decapitating a large number of wither skeletons.
  • Changed the Wither so that it can no longer be summoned in dimensions other than the overworld (no summoning in the nether or end) to make fighting it more interesting.
  • Changed the name of Wither Skulls, to Runed Skulls, to better suit their new role, acquisition method, and lore.
  • Changed some of the crucial trades with villagers that facilitate progress towards the end. Without spoiling too much, the priest is no longer the only villager required.
  • Changed the Anvil recipe to use a nether Star and Soul Flux in combination with a Dead Weight (vanilla Anvil) in the crafting grid. It may also now be obtained through trading, but may no longer be melted down in the Crucible. This change makes the Anvil available earlier in the overall progression (through trading), opening up some of the more complex redstone blocks in the mod (like the Block Dispenser and Detector) before Soulforged Steel is acquired.
  • Changed the way the sail item looks when held by the player slightly, to better suit its new role in yachting.
  • Changed (tweaked) the AI of fleeing animals slightly, to make them a little harder to catch.
  • Changed (reduced) the hunger value of Tasty Sandwiches slightly to make them a bit less universally awesome relative to other food sources, and to increase the value of finding potatoes and carrots.
  • Changed (reduced) the hunger value of bread and Scrambled Eggs for similar reasons.
  • Changed (tweaked) the level and value of a few minor villagers trades to create a smoother play experience.
  • Changed boats to be burnable in the furnace.
  • Fixed a problem where shears would sometimes glitch out if their last bit of durability was used to shear creepers, sheep, or mooshrooms.
  • Removed a bunch of splash screen texts that were no longer relevant or which hadn't aged well.

Version 4.A2 Timing Rodent

November 25th, 2016

  • Added Stump Remover for when you're sick of the electoral process. It is made with creeper oysters, red mushrooms, and rotten flesh in the crafting grid.
  • Added Hardcore Grass. This changes grass so that it can only grow in natural light. Torches will no longer work, nor will Light Blocks.
  • Added a conversion recipe for nether brick slabs into full blocks to match those added for other slabs a couple of releases ago.
  • Changed (decreased) the attack rate on slimes and magma cubes to better match other mobs.
  • Changed sugar cane so that it can be burned directly in a furnace instead of having to be converted to paper first.
  • Changed axes so that iron and better aren't damaged when splitting logs in the crafting grid. Previously, there was no benefit to use better axes than stone to do so, which would create busy-work for the player in crafting and using stone axes just for that purpose.
  • Changed chickens so that they'll reliably lay eggs the next morning after they are fed, instead of at a fairly random time. This both slows down the rate of egg production, and makes collecting eggs manually less of an annoyance as you can now make it part of your daily routine. Note that chickens must be fed at least 10 minutes before morning (the full night), or egg laying will be delayed a full day until the following morning.
  • Changed piles of soul sand so that the cloud will only make whining noises if moving towards a target, but will stay silent if it doesn't detect anything. This should make it a tad easier to use.
  • Changed piles of soul sand to have a more evident visual effect when used.
  • Changed gold and iron items so that they return only roughly two thirds of the original metal when melted in the Crucible. This is intended to further incentivize mob traps and the use of higher tier tools, as both diamond and soulforged steel still have a 100% return.
  • Changed villager trading so that trades aren't replaced by ones for the same or similar items as other unrelated trades are completed. This created some rather sploity behavior with items like skulls, where the player could avoid particularly difficult trades by completing others, and was more confusing than anything else.
  • Changed the install directions in this readme to work with the new Minecraft launcher. If experienced mod users can review these and let me know if there are any issues with them, I'd be much obliged.
  • Fixed problem where slimes and magma cubes would still deal damage to the player after they were dead.
  • Removed wither skeleton skull trade from priests as it was disproportionately difficult to fill relative to other trades.

Version 4.A1 Humped Camel

October 2nd, 2015

  • Changed the night vision effect to improve visibility in gloomy areas. Be cautious with this however, as it's now much more easier for night vision to run out and leave you unexpectedly surrounded by gloom.
  • Changed the bounding box on small slimes to make them less likely to slip between diagonal gaps in blocks and Saw-based grinders.
  • Changed (increased) the rate at which brown mushrooms generate deep underground as they were exceptionally difficult to find with the previous release.
  • Fixed problem where not all block types would unsettle animals.
  • Fixed problem where baby cows could be born with full udders.
  • Removed the small amount of light that brown mushrooms produce, as it made it rather difficult to farm them given their growth conditions now require complete darkness :)

Version 4.A Dingo

September 25th, 2015

  • Added conversion recipes between some of the vanilla slabs and their full blocks. This applies to cobblestone, brick, stone brick, and the various wood planks, basically covering any of the stock slabs that are made out of "parts" (like individual rocks in cobble) that you could see being easily recombined back into the original.
  • Changed (increased) the despawn time of fired arrows stuck in blocks to be equal to the regular item despawn time (5 minutes instead of the previous 1) for consistency and due to the increased value of arrows in the early game.
  • Changed animals to be a little more nervous.
  • Changed brown mushrooms so that they'll only spawn deep down in the earth (or on mycelium), to make their initial acquisition more interesting, and to prevent swamps being a horn of plenty. I figured out a way to do this without messing with overall worldgen so this and the following changes shouldn't cause seams in existing worlds. Note that this also applies to the nether as I wasn't down with free food being everywhere in hell :)
  • Changed brown mushrooms to also require complete darkness (or mycelium) in which to grow to make farming them a little more interesting. The growth conditions remain otherwise unchanged.
  • Changed reeds to only spawn in swamps, for similar reasons.
  • Changed pumpkins to only spawn in plains biomes, and reduced the size of clusters in which they appear.
  • Changed swamp biomes to only spawn pigs and chickens (no cows and sheep), and reduced the overall number of animals found there, to make them a little less zoo-like and more distinct.
  • Changed chickens to avoid water when possible to reduce the number that would be found floating around off shore.
  • Changed chickens to be visible from further away as they tended to pop-in quite close to the player.
  • Changed cows to not get jiggy with the hoofsies while wearing a breeding harness.
  • Changed Bloodwood Saplings to render as items rather than blocks when in item form. This changes the look of them slightly to be more consistent with other saplings as well as fixes a problem where they'd display oddly in item frames.
  • Fixed problem where the player would appear to be falling in empty sky upon a Hardcore Spawn, and (hopefully) where they would sometimes spawn in solid blocks. You'll likely notice increased time in the "loading terrain" screen upon respawn, as this fix revolves around waiting for more of the terrain to buffer before putting the player into the game world. Let me know if you see any more instances of spawning in terrain, as while I ran numerous tests, this is the kind of thing that's rather difficult to be certain of since it was sporadic in the first place.
  • Fixed problem where creatures would still attempt to path over some of the fences the mod adds (eg. stone brick fence) as if they were regular blocks.
  • Fixed particle effects not appearing at all on smashing pumpkins. Also fixed both pumpkins and melons not displaying particle effects when dropped on invalid blocks like torches or slabs.
  • Removed the vanilla wood fence, fence gate, trap door, and door recipes. This means that you'll need a Saw to craft these items.
  • Revised the install instructions in the readme to reflect the process with the "new" launcher. If anyone spots any errors, please let me know.